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The Temple of the Heart

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

There is an art to living from the Heart, but I have learnt that it’s not what one might think it to be, it’s not the art of making a beautiful life or of being in love with your existence, it’s not the art of loving others or the Earth or committing to a non-violent life, it’s not even the art of loving and being loved all together.

Living a Heart-led life is the Art of Grief, it is about finding the beauty in our deepest torment, of finding the courage to take another breath when the overwhelming grief of the world threatens to squeeze your chest so tightly that it feels like you may never breathe again. When the weight of our collective suffering looms all too close, and the path out of that pain seems so utterly inaccessible, in those moments, we are gifted the most powerful opportunity to embody what it truly means to live from the Heart.

But that’s not the kind of Heart-led life we seek out, we don’t want to sit with our grief, to learn and listen and embrace the rites of lamentation and the medicine of the keening women. We desire the maiden's heart path, which, although necessary and powerful in its own right, will only take us so far. This is only the first part of our journey as women into truly Heart-led lives and to the capacity to rebirth and channel the Beauty Way back into the Earth *Matrix to break the chains that bind us to the wounded patriarchal *patrix structure in this timeline.

*If you desire a deeper understanding of my use of the terms Martix and patrix, please read the article HERE

The Heart is the realm of The Mother, that infinite life-affirming force that has the capacity to carry within its womb and arms an unfathomable harmony between love, beauty, grief, loss, compassion and forgiveness. Our Heart journey requires us to spiral inward, and that inward spiral begins with love and beauty, yes, that is the Maiden voyage of the Heart, learning to Love not only others but ourselves, and when we do, we become able to have clarity and receive guidance from our Hearts wisdom and a compass and directive intelligent force. Then, into the Mother's arms, we move to mature and learn to sit with our loss, the loss of our maidenhood, of our innocence, of our identity as an individual as we make the journey into motherhood and the importance of I and Me falls away, and we understand that we are no longer at the centre of our egoic structure and our personal or individual identity is no longer important because we are not separate from what we birth but are the custodians and creatrices of the collective. With this knowledge comes the loss of ourselves as we knew ourselves to be and the grief of moving from I to WE. The loss of the freedom and indulgence of the maiden is painful, and when this loss goes unacknowledged and unintegrated, it festers and distorts our Hearts. Lastly, we come almost full circle as we journey with the Crone into the true depths of forgiveness and compassion, as we begin to understand and embody the medicine of our individual and collective grief, we are given the greatest key to the Heart, that of Compassion, not as some outward performative practice or as it’s misinterpreted maiden aspect, empathy, but as it is in its maturity, a Holy act of true power and embodiment of the Sacred Feminine to take the suffering of the world and transmute and transform it all through the alchemy of Compassion into Love. Through this sacred act, we are once more transformed and able to access the power of each leg of the Heart path, the sensual joy, freedom and empathic exploration of the Maiden, the Mother medicine of holding our individual and collective grief and loss with grace and the power of transmuting it all through the art of the wise Compassionate Crone into LOVE.

And so the spiral goes, each path coming to a form of initiation through which we must move in order to access that next level of maturity and capacity to carry a fully grown and activated open Heart.

As I move through this spiral journey deeper into the Heart, I am often aware of how I respond to situations or events in my daily life and how indicative that is of where my Heart is or what my Heart is reflecting to me. When my Maiden energy is activated, I might perceive something as happening to me. When I am in my Mother energy, which is the energetic home of the Heart, there is an awareness and perception that my life and experiences are happening through me, and when I am in those rare moments in the Wisdom of the Crone, then all separation is dissolved, and I become aware that all that is is also me and therefor I am happening. These perceptive shifts are subtle and energetic, but they have a direct correlation and expansive or contractive effect on our Heart centre's energetic field. So, being aware of how we perceive the world in relation to ourselves can be a powerful portal into the Heart.

Even when we go into a deeper understanding of the physical heart, we learn that the heart contains not only cardiac cells but approximately 40,000 neurons, leading researchers to postulate that maybe the heart has a form of intelligence which communicates with the brain and influences your information processing, perceptions, emotions and health. Neurocardiology and psychophysiology researchers believe that the heart is indeed a complex organ, capable of influencing greater physiological coherence and, therefore, efficient function of the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems. “Our research and that of others indicate that the heart is far more than a simple pump. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex, self-organised information processing centre with its own functional "brain" that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, and ultimately determine the quality of life.” Institute of HeartMath

I believe that the ancient and Matrilineal cultures of the world deeply understood the superior intelligence of the heart and how to access and utilise it fully. It is both physically and energetically the centre of our deeper intelligence, the wisdom and intelligence of The Mother, and so when working with this intelligence in my own body and being, I rely heavily on the guidance of the Mother archetypes that speak to and through me to teach me how to access and activate the wisdom and the greater intellectual capacity of my heart both physically in my heart in communication with my body and energetically in my Heart Centre in relation to my energy body.

The Hathors teach and guide me into my Heart resonance, or the sound medicine of my heart, to experience the power of the beating drum or sistrum within me and its effect on my field and that around me. When I sit with Mother/Teacher Hathor, she guides me into the quiet temples that exist within my being but also across time and space in physical and non-physical timelines. In these temples, we land and gather and listen to the beating drum/sistrum of our Hearts, the percussive collective sound medicine, the frequency of that percussive beat radiating inwards and outward across space and time, the immensity of the collective Heart beating in coherence and rhythm across the universe and all iterations of time. That sound medicine exists within us. It reminds us that we are not separate from one another and that we exist as multidimensional beings across many lives and timelines. When we tap into the deep listening of this medicine, we can access the wisdom and collective memory of the Mother lines, and with that medicine and memory, we can grow the capacity and intelligence of our Hearts. I encourage you to try it, sit quietly, bring your attention into your Heart and begin to listen for her percussive beating. As you find her sound medicine, allow yourself to become aware of a temple forming around you. A sacred and ancient hall that begins to resonate the percussive beat of your Heart back to you, then feel your Mother guides gather around you, bringing their Heart sound medicine to join in yours, hear their drums, sistrums, rattles, the beating of their Hearts in rhythm and unity with your own. As you hear this sound, you may add the sound of your own drum, sistrum or rattle in unison with your collective Heart lines rhythm. This practice can bring through deeply healing medicine for the Heart and connect you with your Mother lineages to open lines of communication and teaching from them. It also increases the Hearts capacity to hold and transmute our individual and collective grief as entering into these temples brings us face to face with what we have lost in this patriarchal timeline, it reminds us of the collective wisdom and power held in the Mother lines and in reconnecting and remembering our Sacred Feminine practices and wisdom.

There are many roads into the Heart, many ways to unlock our collective Heart centre and increase our capacity to hold the broken world and the immensity of millennia of suffering, but if we don’t learn how to sit with our grief, to journey into truly Heart-led lives then those trauma lines cannot be cleared, and we are doomed to repeat them and continue the journey of the wounded father gods further and further away from the power of our Hearts, so Sisters do the work, go into your Heart temples, call your Mother lines to gather with you there, ask to remember their teachings, to learn true Compassion, to embody Forgiveness and to hold and transmute Grief into LOVE.

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In Alchemy

Isa Ka Ra

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