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Alchemy Recapitulation & Soul Retrieval

"Trauma – physical and emotional – is an inevitable part of life. When we experience traumatic events, it is possible for a portion of the soul to separate, taking with it a part of our essential self. This soul loss can manifest in a number of ways, including illness, emotional arrest, fear, and insecurity. Fortunately, it is possible to enter non-linear time – the timeless now – to recover the lost soul part, heal events that happened in the past, and even correct the course of destiny". - Dr. Alberto Villoldo

The Process

Soul Retrieval

The Alchemy Recapitulation & Soul-Retrieval container consists of 4 Sessions with Isa Ka Ra to move through the process of recapitulation and soul-retrieval as well as working with the Soul parts to assist in integration and assimilation.

"In my Shamanic practice, I work with two different aspects of Soul-Retrieval, one I understand and describe as recapitulation, and the other is a more traditional form of Soul-Retrieval as taught to me through my studies and apprenticeship with the teachers of The Four Winds. These two methods work hand in hand to grant my clients what I have seen to be the greatest access to reintegrating and assimilating the Soul parts that are called back and to assist them in being aware of how to nurture these aspects and to fully rewrite the contracts and beliefs instilled during the soul-loss."

Please note that working through the Soul Retrieval process requires commitment from both practitioner and client,

it is a very powerful method of healing but is by no means a quick fix.

If you feel this practice would be beneficial to you but have questions, please book a connection call with Isa.

Soul retrieval
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