Alchemy Courses

The Alchemy Movement offers the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation Course as both an intensive 14-week group journey or a personal one on one journey undertaken over 7 months. 

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Alchemy Through the Medicine Wheel 

This course is available as a group journey in person from the 25th October to the 26th November 2022.

Or as a private journey which is available in person or remotely.

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Isa is a faculty member and facilitator of the Genesis Holistic Medicine courses offered internationally with graduation ceremonies held in Ibiza Spain twice yearly. If you are interested in exploring one of these transformative journeys, click the button below for more information or to book a connection call. 

Isa is in the process of channelling new courses and Shamanic Energy Medicine workshops that will be released in 2022, sign up for the newsletter to make sure you are kept in the loop. 

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