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“You cannot change what you don’t understand”

Taoist proverb


Each participant will learn from and contribute to the whole. This hybrid online initiation includes an extraordinary three-day weekend in Ibiza halfway through. You are in for a surprise if you do not believe magic exists.

This programme offers you exponential growth, ancient and modern wisdom, and practical shamanic and self-inquiry tools to support yourself as you integrate your realisations into a life more aligned with your purpose and dreams.

Picture yourself having a greater understanding of your role in shaping your life, recognising repeating patterns and choosing a new path so you can create a more desired, aligned future. Envision being open to experiencing clarity, peace, and love, allowing you to thrive and expand.

See your dreams come to life from a place of authenticity, compassion, discernment and self-mastery.

Here is your call to cross the threshold into the unknown and to trust that transformation is possible.

Have you got the dedication, commitment and bravery needed to uplevel your life?

To learn more about this life-changing offering, click the button below. 

Through the framework of the Miramorphosis journey, you will go deep and far. You will better understand how the energy of life functions for you, how your current limitations and past wounds continue to attract more of the same, receive energy clearings and healings to assist in the dissolution of old programmes, and close mentoring to help you envision and attract the life you wish for.

Isa and Dipika will guide and support you and help you feel safe, energised and empowered throughout the process so you can change what you understand.

Only six spaces are available to guarantee personalised attention, support, and success.

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