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Alchemy testimonials

 Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation Course  

I completed the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation course with Isa privately in 2019, at the time I found the process often challenging and I must admit I didn't always "get it" but Isa was always there to help guide me and never made me feel judged for not understanding the more esoteric or as I used to call them "woo-woo" aspects, I don't use that word to describe these more complex concepts anymore because, over the years since completing the course and continuing my journey with Isa, my life and understanding not only of these more complex esoteric and unseen or as Isa calls it non-ordinary reality has grown so much that I no longer feel I need to dismiss what I don't understand with terms like "woo-woo"

That course changed me, it helped me to see parts of myself and uncover patterns of behaviour and deep-seated beliefs that had impacted my life in so many different ways. I managed to completely change my career trajectory to something I now love and find inspiring, I met and fell in love with a wonderful man and because of my better understanding of my own patterns and wounds and healing my Heart and Sacral centre from trauma stored there, I have been able to commit and be present in this love connection in a way I never was in other relationships. I am way more confident and assertive in all aspects of my life and yet at the same time, I found a deep connection to my feminine side that I never had before. As the youngest child with 3 older brothers and a very oppressive religious family, I always felt a little ashamed of being a girl but this journey helped me to awaken a feminine power within me I never knew existed and to connect to a Divine Feminine force that I rely on so much now that I've found it. 

I still refer back to the workbooks, practices and meditations of the course and I can truly say that if you have the opportunity to work with her, in any way, do it, she has a way of unlocking parts of you that you have lost or never knew existed and she's also got a great sense of humour which makes the more complex stuff so much more relatable. 

I am forever grateful. Thank you Isa

- Vanessa Phillips 

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