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Matreon... it's like Patreon, but not. 

A space where Sacred Feminine Practices and Channelings are woven into a growing body of practice and reference for those who feel called to delve deeper into these magickal medicines for themselves. This is my way of creating a Sacred Space, of raising a Temple to honour the Sacred Feminine and reweave my individual and the collective memory of these arts that we have lost or forgotten along the way.

Joining Matreon will give you access to a membership portal with new tools, practices, channels, articles, meditations, and all manner of ways to activate and elevate your own innate magick. 

Whether you're curious or new to working with Sacred Feminine practices or have been witching away for lifetimes, there'll be something here for you. The practices are easy to follow and access and range from simple Moon phase medicine to shadow work, elemental magick, working with power & spirit animals, simple spells, charms & talismans, protection & clearing practices, channelled messages from the Sacred Feminine lineages that speak through me and much more.


The portal is updated as inspiration strikes, with content added to aid in harnessing the organic flow of energy channelled. Once you join the portal, you will have access to all its gifts and be a part of the journey as it grows.

This membership will benefit you if you are seeking a deeper connection to working with a variety of Sacred Feminine practices and ways of weaving those into your daily life to create a little more magick in the mundane. The practices are accessible and easy to follow for those who are new as well as for those who have delved deeply into the realms of Feminine wisdom. 

I share practices that I have worked with and refined over the years that have benefited me in creating a life I truly love and which has allowed me to share this Sacred Feminine body of work with you.

So if you are looking to add more magick, more harmony, more depth, a deeper connection to your intuition, ancestors, guides and the unseen realms and a safe space to gather and receive various rites and ritual practices, then Matreon is for you, and I so look forward to meeting you and sharing this powerful container of Feminine Wisdom & Ways.

Matreon Membership

  • Matreon

    A Membership portal to guided Sacred Feminine practices
    Free Plan
    • Articles with various forms of guided practices
    • Moon phase practices & journaling prompts
    • Sacred Feminine guidance
    • Digital downloads to support your practices
    • Guided Meditations
    • Access to online gatherings
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