Heal & Grow by Activating the Sacred Feminine

The time has come to fully honour who you came here to be and heal your energy system by uncovering core wounding and releasing patterns that no longer serve your highest good, so that you may access, hear and express the calling of your Soul.

Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation is a deep and powerful personal guidance journey to support you through a transformative process of self-remembering. Returning to alignment with the truth of your authentic self, opening your channels to connect with the Divine Feminine and your Spirit Guides as well as heal, activate and balance your energy centres to allow your actions to be guided from this aligned state.

You can read more about this journey and how it came to be by clicking HERE

The Seven Spheres of the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation Course

The Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation Course consists of 7 Spheres of 7 embodied devotions broken up into 7 practises that keep you connected and conscious of your purpose and process.


Each Sphere focuses on a different energy centre and the archetypal Sacred Feminine energy invoked by that centre's frequency.


As we work through each of the energy centres, we identify core wounding and begin to establish ways of balancing and opening energetic flow and healing; once you have completed each Sphere, we look back at what came up and identify where you still need a little extra focus and how to integrate and process what you learned in order to implement that going forward.


The work undertaken during this journey is deep and powerful, it requires commitment and is not recommended if you are not ready to confront your shadow and heal.

What To Expect

As we work through the Embodied Devotions of each Sphere, we identify energetic, emotional, and mental patterns that limit your authentic expression of self, you will be asked to show up in new ways in your life which match your being's truth and allow you to recall and move deeper into your power. Through these consistent practices, you reprogram and unravel energetic, emotional, mental and physical programming that no longer serves you. As you commit to your Embodied Devotions daily through a process of radical trust and consistent connection to your energetic state, you will feel the spaciousness, joy, and momentum that comes with being in alignment with your true self and from this space of alignment, your ability to connect with your own guidance system will become more and more accessible to you. I reiterate here that this is a deep and intensive healing journey that will ask you to commit to daily practises as well as doing deep shadow work and releasing beliefs and wounds that no longer serve you. Please do not undertake this journey if you do not feel ready to confront yourself and do the work. 


You will commit to daily meditation to engage with the Sacred Feminine archetypes as well as practises to balance, heal and connect with the energy centre we are working on. The accompanying practises in your workbooks will aid in understanding and release of old patterns and the identification and healing of core wounds.
Through the practices of Embodied Devotion, you'll learn to reclaim the right to be a present and conscious participant in your energetic state of being.
You will learn to reprogram your subconscious by creating new practises and energetic states that align with the truth of your being. These new states will move you into a life that is in alignment with your sovereign soul purpose.
You will learn to listen to your Sacred Feminine energy and guides so you can be intimately attuned with your inner world and trust how you are being called to move in accordance with your Sovereign Sacred-Self.


As a busy mother and business owner, I have been very conscious that the practises and processes of this journey need to be able to fit into my tight daily schedule and life, the journey was created and is practised by me, so I know it is possible and sustainable for those of us who have full lives and many commitments other than ourselves. 

Why Invest in This Journey

The purpose of this investment in yourself is many-fold:

Uncover and better understand the state of your energetic body and to assess how you can bring it more into alignment and balance. This alignment and balance manifests physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally as we work through this journey together.

Identify core wounds and patterns of behaviour or beliefs that perpetuate aspects and influences in your life that no longer serve you.

Connect and gain access to the Sacred Feminine's guidance and your own Spirit Guides to assist you in walking a path of transformation and Energetic Alchemy, bringing you into full alignment with your true calling and developing unwavering deep trust within yourself and your guidance.


Once we begin to access an understanding of our energetic and frequential states and gain greater control over these states by clearing stagnant energy and realigning the energy body, we begin to access our infinite potential.
We often find ourselves unable to access this space due to a lack of attention, focus, and devotion as it takes dedication and vigilance to ground down and connect to your innate Sacred Feminine energy and alchemical abilities. Having a stabilising support from someone who has immersed themselves in this journey will create the space for you to centre and ground yourself in your own unique form of alchemy and continue to grow in your power and presence. As your devotion deepens in alignment with the truth of your being, from this space, naturally, you are inspired to take impeccable action in accordance with your Sacred guidance and Soul force.


This is a journey of self-remembering, of rediscovering your own innate power to heal and create Alchemy in your life, but it takes courage and commitment, if you are ready - The Sacred Feminine is waiting! 

What Others Have to Say about working with Isa
& The Sacred Feminine Activation Journey


To say that the work I have done with Isa has been life changing is an understatement.

I have had to dig deep to do the work that she has shown me.


Having never placed any value on my spiritual well-being it came as a big shock to me after my daughter was born 5 years ago and I stopped working that I was actually lost and searching for something.

I continued to just wade through the days and my life subconsciously thinking that I needed to do something to ‘feel better’ 


I met Isa about 2 years ago thinking I was ‘just going to have my energy realigned’ I laugh now at this knowing how vulnerable I was ( and still am) and how easy I thought ‘fixing myself ‘ would be.

I live mostly in my head ( something I understand now after meeting Isa) and I can say it was grace that allowed me to be so open minded about the things she has told me, shown me and explained to me.


I am in awe of her intuition and how quickly she can tap into my emotional state and be with me in this sometimes very dark space.


My husband ( an actuary who had no interest whatsoever in ‘this stuff’ and is all about tangible black and white concepts) was very interested in the things I was doing and learning with Isa and went for a session with her too. After that session he fully supports the work that I am doing as he most certainly felt what I feel in her.


By no means is my journey complete in fact it’s only just started but I am so grateful that I started with Isa and that I am so very blessed to continue with her.


It’s so hard for me personally this journey of self discovery and learning of new concepts ( and unlearning of old beliefs) but it’s my declaration of self love to do the work .

I trust Isa implicitly and would encourage whoever is reading this and feels ‘something’ to have a session with her.

- Tracey Nobbs 

The Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation course was recommended to me by a trusted friend…had it not been it is unlikely that I would’ve dared to venture into this unfamiliar territory. It was way way out of my comfort zone but I decided to embark on this journey because I was feeling, as many of us do, somewhat lost and purposeless. 

I began the course with a hefty pinch of skepticism and was prepared to pull out, at any time, if I felt too challenged or too uncomfortable!

 I am pleased to say I felt both challenged and uncomfortable at times but that in every instance these feelings were met with a new sense of grounding, love and absolute acceptance. 

Isa is at first a terrifyingly beautiful and innately powerful woman…all your insecurities will plead with you to stay away because her bullshit-o-meter is finely tuned and frighteningly accurate. She is also hilarious, wise and very very kind. This course is clearly a labour of love on her part. Every aspect has been carefully considered and is purposely planned to assist you towards the realization of your sovereignty and purpose.

That is what I found in this time with Isa. I found my Sovereignty. I found that my purpose was waiting for me all along!


Thank you wonderful Isa.

-Lucia Duncan 

My life has been split into two halves, my life before the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation Course and my life after. It has been a deep and powerful journey, one that continues. I have found the space I want to create my life from, the space of being in love with all that I am. My eternal gratitude to Isa for lovingly and with great strength holding the container for learning, growth and love. Her guidance connection and wisdom will be with me always. 
- Louise Addis 

Taking part in a ceremony, course or healing session with Isa literally has the potential to change your life. She is a gifted, thorough and profound healing Master, whose integrity and genuine desire to help me bring myself to wholeness is an honour and a privilege to witness and participate in. To say she is highly recommend is somewhat of an understatement.
- Stella Douglas

"I feel eternally grateful for signing up to the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation course with Isa Ka Ra - Gisela. Firstly she is a force to be reckoned with and her deep Shamanic knowledge is a gift to all who meet her. Her course is deeply transformative and I highly recommend it if you are wanting to understand your chakras on a much deeper level.
What I loved was the way in which we embodied each centre and spend four weeks in each space, peeling away and then relaying each center with so much deep love and knowledge.
This is the type of course that you could repeat every 7 months, it is magical.
Isa has truly assisted me in stepping forward into my authenticity. I have learnt so much about myself and at times it’s been uncomfortable but through my shadows I have birthed something that I’ve always wanted, a gift that has always been me.
Isa works her deep insightful knowledge channeling ancient wisdom onto this earthly plane as guidance for us humans.
Thank you for supporting me so that I am able to re-create the life that I so deeply wanted. This is not the ending but the beginning. This is a beautiful gift to give to yourself, so that you can take your understanding of your energy centres and yourself to a whole new paradigm."
- Linda Green

"I met Isa about 3 years ago and was drawn to her innate wisdom at the time I knew that I needed to do something with her, although at the time it was not clear.
During lockdown Isa offered free daily meditations “ From Isolation to Insulation “ this had a profound effect on me as I learnt to meditate and gain some insight into a place that I had known before but had lost.
Isa then offered the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation Course, an in-depth exploration of our energy centres and ourselves. I had not spent time with myself at this level for many years and had lost connection with who I really was.
I am different today compared to when I started the course and I am happy with who I am remembering and becoming. I feel that I have stepped into the path I need to be on and there is so much to learn but also so much I have to share.
The course was created and shared with great wisdom love and compassion.
I am grateful that I started this journey with Isa, I know that I as continue in the process of my embodiment, I will continue to tap into her guidance, wisdom and strength."
- Jenni Stephen