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Alchemy Shamanic & Spirit Mentorship

Isa Ka Ra offers Alchemy Shamanic & Spirit Mentorship containers to be of assistance to her clients on a more consistent and continuous basis, these containers allow clients access to practices and assistance in various forms.

Mentorship Containers Include

Alchemy Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions - both in person and remotely.

Personalised Recorded Guided Meditations - these are created to assist you in your spiritual and integration process.

Question & Answer sessions - conducted via email, Whatsapp or Telegram, these give you access to answers and guidance when questions arise.

Monthly Guidance Calls - conducted via Zoom or by phone to delve a little deeper into questions and Spirit guidance.

Mesa Stone Reading - Divination sessions, these are similar to a card reading except Isa uses a shamanic method of divination. 

Channelling of Guides / Ancestors / Spirit for guidance - Channeled messages are shared and communicated during our calls and sessions.

Energetic Protection and Energy Clearing guidance - Teachings of various practices to clear negative or stuck energies from your body & space and call in protection.

Guidance on Shamanic practices - Teachings of various practices to connect with Spirit & your Guides.

Alchemy Mentorship

Connect with Isa

I ask that those contemplating entering into a mentorship container be aware that this agreement requires commitment and trust from both the Shamanic practitioner and the client.
I hold these containers with great commitment and energetic integrity to create a field in which my clients are able to explore their journey to a more harmonious life and renegotiate their beliefs to access a state of consciously dreaming their worlds into being, but this process requires commitment and work from all involved, my work in these agreements happens well beyond the actual time we spend in sessions, as holding the container becomes a part of my daily practice.

As these containers are highly energy-intensive, I only work with a limited number of clients in these spaces, so please apply if you would like to enter into a container.

The exchange is made for my time—the work that we do in that time moves through Spirit, and we will work as Spirit guides.

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