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Alchemy Shamanic Energy Medicine Session

During your sessions together, Isa Ka Ra - Gisela utilises her skills as an initiated & qualified Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner, as well as her more intuitive skills working as a channel and energetic clairvoyant to bring through guidance and medicine from her own guides as well as your ancestors and guides. Please note that Isa works predominantly remotely but can accommodate in-person sessions on request. 

Isa Ka Ra - ​Gisela is a graduate of The Four Winds, trained and initiated in Shamanic Energy Medicine, holding international certification in energy healing and energy centre balancing systems. She is also a qualified and certified Cacao Ceremony facilitator certified through International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine as well as a certified Her Biorythm Applied Women's Neuropsychophysiology practitioner. 

What to Expect

As this work is done principally on your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) Isa works predominantly remotely but in-person sessions can be arranged on request. When working remotely, you will be required to be in a quiet space where you can be fully present without being disturbed. 

Sessions are guided by Spirit and through the systems and practices of Shamanic Energy Medicine that have been passed down through all of human history, being refined and fine-tuned to suit the needs of each age.

Please note that this is not a quick fix, this form of medicine is very powerful, but it requires commitment and work from both the practitioner and the client, therefore, Isa asks that a minimum of 3 sessions be committed to by her clients. 

Alchemy Shamanic Energy Medicine
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