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Alchemy Shadow Exploration & Integration

The Shadow Work container consists of 7 Sessions with Isa Ka Ra to explore and integrate Shadow wounds, imprints and behavioural patterning informed by trauma and Shadow aspects, as well as a self-study workbook to assist in the integration of this medicine.

Cover of Alchemy Shadow Integration workbook

What is the Process?

In the 7 sessions, Isa will work from the Root centre through to the Crown, exploring each centre for imprints and Shadow wounds so that these may be cleared and the medicine from these Shadow aspects can be integrated.

Sessions consist of various Shamanic Energy Medicine practices & ancient technologies, as well as intuitive energy healing methods, channelled information from Guides, Spirit & Ancestors and practical tools to assist with integration.


You will be given written information and guided to undertake certain practices after each session to further integrate the medicine received and to assist in processing and transmuting the Shadow into an ally. 


Please note all exchanges are made for Isa's time and the cost of tools necessary to facilitate the work.

Sessions are conducted remotely; in-person sessions can be made available per arrangement.

The Alchemy Shadow Integration self-study workbook is available to purchase HERE.


Please note that working with the Shadow requires deep commitment and intent, if you feel called to undertake this journey please book a connection call with Isa.

Shadow work
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