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As this is only a surface exploration into the complexity of this subject and its pervasive substructure not only in our collective zeitgeist but in our experience of consensus reality, I ask that you read it with that in mind and allow the myriad of connections that this concept underpins and informs to develop and unfurl for yourself… If I were to attempt to go into greater detail, this would be a life's work and not a blog post. 

I truly believe that there was a time before the seed of greed was planted in the hearts of men, a time when the Mother held the world in Her embrace and human beings lived predominantly in a state of harmony with themselves and the natural world closer to our true animal nature and aware of our place as part of the ecosystem, not at the top of some hierarchical structure. I know this to be true in my bones; indigenous cultures from around the world know this to be true, and archaeologists like Marija Gimbutas offered substantial evidence that this is true. Historian, author, and artist Max Dashu has done extensive research into the largely forgotten pre-patriarchal mythologies supporting this assertion that things haven't "always just been this way" and that there was a time when the Feminine held Her rightful place.

Because I know this state of harmony is the true core and nature of our human potential, I hold a deep desire to understand the roots of the wounded patriarchal infestation that spread across the Earth. I want to know how something so counter and contrary to life and nature could have established itself as the consensus reality on a planet that, by Her very nature, is a Feminine life force, a place of cyclical birth, death and rebirth, where nature is harmonious and infinitely abundant. 

How did we get to this inverted state of being, this delusional belied structure embedded in our consensus experience of the world and our own lives and roles within it? How did we come to believe that an angry, petty, vengeful, petulant father god gave birth and created a world that, in the view of this father god’s followers, is literally out to get you at every turn, a belief system that turned our own nature, the natural world we belong to and even our own bodies especially the life-giving bodies of women into our enemy and something to be feared, shamed, subjugated and separated from. 

It truly boggles my mind and, more so, my heart. 

The only thing I can see clearly when looking for the answer to how we got here is that at some point, the seed of greed was planted in the hearts of men, and when that seed took root, everything changed. Like a noxious invasive weed, it spread, wrapping itself around everything true and sacred and whole and suffocating the life out of the Mother until we all became infected and enslaved by this greedy, insatiable parasitic structure growing ever stronger and more pervasive. 

That seed of greed leads to the need to inver the truth, to invert reality, to create and implant belief structures that feed on fear and lack. Greed leads to every single patriarchal structure and institution and is the underpinning guiding force behind every religion as well as the structures of colonialism, capitalism, imperialism, etc. 

None of those structures exist without the core seed of greed, the desire to take more than one needs, to have “your way” or “your god’s way” be the only way. The belief that the other is always a threat, that those who don’t belong to your culture, race, religion, etc., are out to take something from you, so you must defend yourself, defend what is yours by taking and annihilating what is theirs.

Most of all, every scrap of evidence that affirms and shows that at the core of all life, at the true heart of all creation, lies the Feminine, the Mother, and in Her creative, life-giving image, we find the Female form, the body of women, life-givers and the channels between the seen and unseen realms, that truth must be erased by the greedy corrupted gods who want to claim all things theirs. 

We have watched this play out repeatedly, so where does it end? 

How do we dismantle this intricate web of lies that has grown its greedy roots so deep, creating a stranglehold mycelial network that has poisoned humanity for thousands of years? 

How do we break this spell? 

Perhaps we do it the same way we remove invasive species from our gardens and the land we are guardians of. By understanding that a certain tree or plant is not native to an area and that it damages the ecological harmony in that area, we learn to remove those invasive species. 

So, in the same way, the complex seed structure of greed, which has grown to steal nourishment from the collective human experience and our interconnectedness with the Great Spiritual Creatrix Mother and our Mother, the Earth, needs to be observed and then uprooted, cut down, and cleared.

The death cults of corrupted father gods that feed on and nurture that seed of greed first have to be observed. In the same way that an invasive tree or plant growing in a garden may provide shade or even fruit, over time, that tree or plant will begin to negatively impact the environment and the health of the ecosystem it has invaded, that invasive seed will take over and the natural fauna and flora will begin to whither and die because it is being deprived of nutrients and life force by the invasive species. 

When I look at our current state of reality, this is what I see: the deprivation and starvation of the harmonious states of being in accordance with our true nature and with the natural world around us is corrupted and infested with this invasive seed that has permeated and penetrated our consensus reality. A seed born out of and carrying this deep encoded greed, which then manifests as lack, that lack begets fear, and that fear brings hatred, aggression, violence and dominion. 

And so HIStory repeats itself because, as I have said before and will keep yelling from the belltowers, HIStory repeats itself because the masculine and, therefore, the corrupted father god is not a creative force. The masculine, in both its sacred and corrupted frequency and form, is a directive force, so in a reality where a directive force is tasked with creation, all it can offer is repetition, and so our consensus reality becomes a cycle of repetition, and sadly that repetition is currently informed by this seed of greed and all of its manifestations. 

So I ask again…. And no, I don’t expect an answer - unless you have one, then I’m all ears. I am asking myself. I am asking the Goddess, The Mother and even the Father who honours and knows the place of the Mother is as His Mother and so reveres Her as such… I scream into the void. HOW DO WE RID OURSELVES OF THIS SEED OF GREED???

And as with most questions that I scream into the void, the answer is to honour the Mother, to return to the Mother, to do the deep shadow work and soul retrieval, to keep working on clearing the collective feminine pain body that was installed through waves of trauma over thousands of years of abuse and the tormenting of our ancestral maternal lines and our Mother Earth. To work to reawaken the collective Feminine Wisdom Body, that web of womb wisdom that holds us beneath the suffering, beneath the pain and fear, that interwoven web of life that knows that this infestation of greed and corruption will come to an end, the wounded patriarchal structures are cannibalising themselves and one day they will have nothing more to eat except for the poisonous fruit of their own design, and they will die…. And LIFE will be reborn because that is what the Mother does; that is what The Primordial Mother, The Sophia Ennoia, does; She gives birth to LIFE. 

When we honour the Mother, the true Father is given the opportunity to reveal Himself. 

I continue to work on this infestation in my own field, pulling it out by the roots when I find it and nurturing that soil with truth, love, and hope. 

In Alchemy 

Isa Ka Ra 

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