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Embracing the Matrix/Mater/Mother

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Embracing the Matrix - Descending into the arms of the Mother.

We are inside the womb of the Divine Sacred Feminine creatrix - 3RD-dimensional existence is the incubator/womb/initiator of soul growth. The limitations and confinement experienced during our 3D manifestation is the experience of being in utero. This experience is however influenced by forces that draw power/feed on certain states of perpetual dysfunction & discord, fear states and oblivion, a perpetual illusionary semi-enslavement of the human psyche is prevalent through the lens of what I have come to understand not as the experience of the Matrix (Mother) but of the Patrix (Pater/Father), which seems to my understanding to be at this time a corrupted construct of the wounded masculine forces of fear, enslavement, greed, consumption, insecurity, aggression and competition - the social construct of the industrial age/survival of the fittest.

The medical industrial complex that utterly ignores the feminine vessel & biological needs and industrialises birth is a good 3D example of this more energetic principle. The way the female body is treated by the medical industrial complex as well as the absolute abuse women undergo during pregnancy and birth all based on male biologically driven “science” is merely a physical representation of the more energetic state of the effect of the “Patrix” on the Matrix. In this system there is no trust or understanding of the rhythms cycles, innate wisdom and intuitive intellect of the feminine biology & being, because it does not behave in the same more predictable manner as the masculine biology it is deemed inferior or unreliable evidentially. Very minimal medical study is conducted on women, there is even today in our “scientifically advanced” age little knowledge on how female biology operates and even less when it comes to the application of allopathic practices on female biology because studies are still today largely isolated to men. I raise this simply to draw a physical parallel to this etheric concept because as with all things, it begins in the etheric before it manifests into our physical experience - thoughts become things.

Within this fertile womb, all things are possible. We can plant the seeds of a different experience or expression of experience, but first, we must become aware of the influences of our own personal perspectives, beliefs and patterns.

To become aware of the collective consensus reality that we are all co-creating, as the Shamans say “We dream our world into being” so why are we dreaming this current dream?

What is the purpose of this incubation?

What are our souls learning within this womb journey?

As with the experience of a foetus in utero, we are currently experiencing what our Mother (matrix) is enduring - each of us, every soul, a seed of life within her womb, how can we use our collective life force to heal our Mother?

Instead of simply feeding on her like some form of parasite how can we enter the cycle of life and give back to our Mother?

I feel we can only do this by “being born” as such, by seeking some form of awakening from a state of continual dependence and entering a state of awareness and potential conscious co-creation. Our souls must incubate enough to be viable, to be born from the Matrix. From this perspective and through this interpretation our 3D existence then takes the form of initiatory growth or incubation - in this place (dimension) of limitation and confinement we must learn how to move, how to awaken, how to see in the darkness, how to listen through the noise, how to individuate and become in a sense independent…only then can we be born, or our soul can be initiated, the lessons of incubation, 3D confinement integrated.

The trick however is that to achieve this “birth” we must change the direction of our dreaming from a masculine state of upward flow (ascension) to a feminine state of downward flow (decent)…the foetus must drop as it were, shifting from a mind birth, intellectual masculine expression to a body birth, intuitive feminine expression. We must as it were collectively reverse course.

For at least the last 5000-6000 years or probably even longer we have walked this collective path of the Patrix, or Masculine Spirituality, the path of ascension, of up and out, the higher centre activation journey of seeking to “ascend” or “transcend” the physical, the journey of “Light” or towards “The Light”, the hero’s journey, the search for the Father- which of course is valid, important and has merit, but when done to the exclusion of the Descent, of the journey inwards, into the body, into the womb, into the dark primordial source of beingness and creation, devoid of the Creatrix, of the Mother, then we lose our way and become disembodied….as we find ourselves collectively now.

A cycle of seeking the up and out, the hero’s journey to the Father, has left us disconnected, disembodied and frankly fairly dystopian.

So I ask, in becoming increasingly aware of it all, seeing more and more clearly my own spiritual journey and inch-worming towards even the slightest sliver of awakening or awareness….how? How do I create more balance, how do I stand in the midst of my being and move both upwards to the Father and downwards to the Mother… We are so practised at seeking the Father, the Divine Masculine, we are so easily drawn spiralling out of our bodies into our heads and whisked away by our intellect…whoosh and you're gone, yay! Ascension! 5D and all that. But no, it’s just not a “real” thing is it?….it’s all mind and narrative and thinking, or for some, it’s in the plant medicines that take them up and out, or in the breath work that takes them up and out…

What brings us down and in though?

Where is the Mother in our current consensus reality, how do we access her so we can come to term in the Matrix/Womb so that we may be born?

Perhaps we simply aren’t there yet, not quite fully formed yet, like a premature baby. Perhaps all of this up-and-out spirituality, all this mind, higher centre, intellectual, patrix path consensus reality is simply part of our development into a fully formed being so that we can be viable to be birthed, or initiated or whatever you choose to label it.

I find myself more and more seeking the access point, the balance point between the Feminine & Masculine forces, that sweet spot that allows for both aspects to be embodied, and EMBODIED really is the key here because I can access both states intellectually, I can access them energetically and ethereally, but it’s the actual birthing into embodiment that I find often alludes me, and I believe this is true for most of us.

I have become convinced that the access point of this embodiment lies in the triad of Sovereignty, Love & Compassion and the consistent commitment to these 3 principles or states of being - when accessing these frequencies I know I am the embodiment of the Mother, the frequency of Sophia Ennoia awakening within me, or perhaps it is more of a state of remembering, a quiet connection or activation point that brings me gently into my body.

The more deeply I walk with the Rose lines circling over and over their Medicine Wheel as they guide me deeper and deeper into this labyrinthine spiral journey, the more the remembering of these long forgotten and erased Feminine lineages awakens and guides me the less I feel the need to escape anything, the practices and rites that have been channelling through so many of us for some time now are subtly shifting the narrative from one of fear and lack driven escape to one of Love and Compassion driven Embodiment.

As always, dear reader I would love to hear your feelings on this so please comment below and let's open a conversation.

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In Alchemy

Isa Ka Ra

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