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1/6/2020 Well hello June and hello winter! In the last week winter has revealed herself in all her icy glory. Here in Johannesburg it is freezing and dry and honestly for me the worst time of the year. I know one shouldn’t loath a season for all are necessary and we need to rest of winter so that spring can come again, but personally there really is nothing quite as awful as the dry dead and dreary highveld winter. Give me rain and snow and wet cold any day over this bone chilling, dehydrating yuck. Okay rant over, you get it, I don’t dig winter. The other thing I don’t dig is the current obsession with sickness. Man o’ man does that get me going. So for June my focus is on cultivating a mindset and frequency focused on wellness! We need to shift the narrative around our own well-being for ourselves and take back our power. The more empowered and healthy you are the less likely you are to be easily influenced and manipulated. The more you believe that your health and wellness is something external to yourself and that it can be gained through a pharmaceutical compound or a visit to a doctor the more you relinquish your sovereignty and your authority over self, the more our focus is drawn onto and into states of sickness, lack and threat and away from wellness, health, empowerment and abundance.

It’s time to reclaim your wellness and your right to be well, to know that you are safe, to feel free to breathe and to move and to raise your vibration, raise your frequency to match a state of wellness manifesting in your body and your life. Dr. Joe Dispenza put it perfectly when he said “According to the quantum model of reality, we could say that all disease is a lowering of frequency - When your nervous system is under the control of fight-or-flight mode, the chemicals of survival cause you to be more matter and less energy. You become a materialist because you’re defining your reality with your senses; you overuse the vital energy surrounding the cell by mobilising it for an emergency, and all of your attention goes towards the outer world of the environment, the body and time. If you keep the stress response turned on for and extended period of time, the long term effects keep slowing down the frequency of the body such that it becomes more and more particle and less and less wave. That means that there is less consciousness, energy and information available for atoms, molecules and chemicals to share. All of the individual subatomic fans making up your body then start spinning not only slower, but also out of rhythm with one another. This creates incoherence among the body’s atoms and molecules, which causes a weakened signal of communication such that the body begins to break down” Once we understand this fact we can begin to invest our time and energy into practices, beliefs and actions that serve to raise our frequency and clarity of communication to the nervous system in that way empowers us and our loved ones to turn the tides of sickness, control and lack into one of compassion, wellness and abundance. So I am going to discuss here a couple of simple accessible techniques and practices you can employ to pull your nervous system out of survival fight-or-flight mode and back into a place of balance and frequential coherence. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Joe Dispenza's work I strongly suggest you check him out 7 access points to bring you back into your power and well-being:

Breathe - This is at the top of my list as it is something that in the current climate and regulatory environment is severely under threat. We are being regulated to wear masks that deprive us of oxygen and increase our intake of Co2. This has severe and long term effects on the body and brain function and a powerful effect of your energetic and nervous system. I do not wear them and if I am forced I wear a very breathable one, now I am not by any means telling you not wear a mask, that is your prerogative. I am however telling you to understand and educate yourself on the effects that this is having on your physical, emotional and frequential health. I’m sure you have noticed that fairly quickly you will begin to feel like you can’t breathe, anxiety and the ability to make decisions and deal with things, even simple tasks like navigating the aisles in a supermarket are suddenly much more challenging than they should be and then there is the headache that will inevitable accompany this adventure into mild oxygen deprivation and the slow trickle of Co2 into your body. Added to the physical effects is the subconscious messaging that is received by your brain when you look around you and see people with their faces covered in masks, yes your logical brain understands that it is mandatory etc etc, but your subconscious sees this and interprets it as a threat and that is the message your nervous system absorbs and responds to. There are no positive connotations in our societal narrative to a masked face, it means a threat no matter how you slice it, it means illness, attacker, criminal, danger or silenced, muffled, suppressed and oppressed - there is simply no positive or non-threatening narrative connected with the obscuring of a person's face. This is our reality at this moment and not acknowledging what it is doing to our minds and bodies would be simply irresponsible. So let’s empower ourselves where and how we can. Take back your breath. Make sure you are spending as much time as possible each day consciously breathing. Go outside as often as possible and breathe. If you work in an environment where you are required to be masked all day make sure you are taking hourly breaks to go somewhere and breathe deeply. A good breath practice for this is a heart coherence breath technique - simply place your hand on your heart centre and breathe in for 5-6 seconds and then out for 5-6 seconds making sure that your breath is smooth and deep on the inhalation and exhalation. Basically we want to remember that our breath is our sovereign right and to reclaim and reconnect with that right and to mitigate the effects of being denied the right to free and open breath and connection. You can check out some more about Heart coherence at the Heart+Math institute website Meditation - This is fundamental, it is a basic necessity to your health and well-being. Trust me you need this more than any other practice. If you have not yet cultivated a daily meditation practice there are innumerable resources available at this time to do so and I am happy to assist and guide you to some of these or to directly guide you into a daily meditation practice, so feel free to get in touch with me about this. The benefits of daily meditation are very well documented and innumerable studies have shown that these span across all aspects of our well-being from the purely physical, to the emotional, to the mental and all the way through to the spiritual, you simply cannot live a holistically high functioning life without cultivating a meditation practice. There's an old Zen saying that is deeply rooted in truth - “You must meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour” We are fooled by the continuous over activation of our sympathetic nervous system (fight-flight-freeze-fawn) to believe that we don’t have enough time in a day to invest in practices like meditation, this is a stress loop illusion and the way to break that illusion and to physically shift your experience of time is to stop and meditate, even if you begin with only 5 minutes a day, you will never regret it and the benefits are so clear and identifiable that once you begin it will only become easier and easier to do.

Mindful Movement - Make sure you are engaging in some kind of mindful movement daily, whether that is a yoga practice, Qi gong, Tai Chi, Pilates or simply going for a long slow walk in nature - preferably barefoot. Make it something that requires conscious deep breathing and connection with intention to your body. Again if you need some assistance in this I can offer both yoga and Pilates, as well as recommend some incredible Qigong teachers if that interests you.

Grounding - This is my go to immune booster! I make sure that I spend time barefoot outside connecting with Pacha Mama's healing magic every single day even if it is just a few minutes. Committing to this practice consciously and daily has had an incredible effect on my overall health and immune system. Extensive research has shown that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy, by walking barefoot can diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments as well as boost immune system and help to reset the nervous system. This connection is referred to as Earthing or Grounding. Briefly put, when our bare feet or skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are absorbed by the body. These electrons could be referred to as nature’s antioxidants and help neutralise the damaging effects of excess free radicals that lead to inflammation and disease in the body. The Earth and all living beings are conductors of free electrons. As our bodies are composed mostly of water and minerals which in combination making us are excellent conductors of electrons from the Earth, providing there is direct skin contact or some other conductive channel for the electrons to flow through. This Earth energy upgrades our physiology by allowing our body’s to cope and repair thereby promoting well-being, increasing immune system function and reducing our stress response. Grounding also assists in harmonising and stabilising the body’s basic biological rhythms, reduces and can even eliminate chronic inflammation. It is simply the most natural and powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and immune boosting remedy available, and it’s free! There really is no downside to this practice, so make sure you spend some time each day bare foot to even bare bellied on the ground and let Pacha Mama take care of you health as she is meant to. Here you can find the medically published results of a research study done on the effects of Grounding Rest & Restoration - The importance of this cannot be overstated. When we are overworked, over stressed and quite simply over everything our immune and nervous systems cannot cope. We move into stress loops and the immune system becomes slowly more and more depleted until you get sick. You know this loop we’ve all been there. So how do we mitigate this? It’s simple, through conscious rest. This can be achieved through meditation or restorative yoga practices (contact me about our Alchemy Rest & Restore sessions) or by simply allocating time in your day to step back, take some deep breaths and focus on yourself and your own needs. Take a long candle lit bath in Epsom salts with some essential oils like lavender or Ascention Little Oil of Calm, drink some chamomile tea in the garden, practice yoni steaming, take a nap. What ever works for you, find some stillness and space to listen to your body and your heart and then do what it is asking you for. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup, you need to make time and space for yourself to refill your cup. Nutrition - You are what you eat! Or to put it more truthfully “You are what you consume”. Become aware of what you choose to put into your body and energy system and why. The importance of becoming aware of what you choose to consume visually, environmentally and spiritually cannot be overstated. Become aware of how what you watch on TV or Netflix affects your state of being. Become aware of the social media you consume and how it makes you feel. Become aware of the mass media news you read, watch or listen to and how that effects your well-being. Become aware of the people you surround and associate yourself with and how they affect and influence you. This lesson of consumption is one I learnt years ago; but I still keep learning again and again on deeper and deeper levels, as I understand my well-being and the requirements of my energetic state to function at its most optimal levels. To be honest I am fanatical about what I watch, read or listen to, I haven’t watched the news or listened to any mass media radio station in years. I don’t watch TV unless it is something I know adds value to my state of being and is nourishing for me, I check in with my nervous system whenever we begin to watch a new show or series and if it doesn’t resonate with my highest expression and make me feel good then I don’t consume it. Believe me you really don’t need to engage in any mass media consumption at all, if there is something important you need to know, it will come to you organically, if it doesn’t you didn’t need to know it. It’s simple. So cultivate a respect for your emotional, physical and energetic well-being and begin to create awareness of what you are consuming, why you are consuming it and how it makes you feel. Check in with the things you feel resistance to releasing, for example you notice how every time you immerse yourself in your Facebook feed or listen to the news on the radio or TV you feel like shit. Those friends you keep hanging out with even though you find yourself feeling depleted and perhaps even getting ill after you spend time with them but you keep going back. You know it makes you feel like crap but yet you continue to find all kinds of reasons and justifications for why you have to do it so you just keep looping that feeling. Why are you resistant to releasing things that don’t serve you? Why are you resistant to releasing things that are not nourishing to you? Check out what you consume and begin to make choices that are nourishing! Joy - Cultivate joy! Grow your gratitude! Believe in your bliss! I could give you a few more quippy phrases, but I think you get the idea. Make sure you seek out some joy in your day, make sure you laugh as often as possible, make sure you dive into deep states of gratitude. A Daily gratitude practice can assist us vastly in accessing joy and raising our frequency, a simple practice I like to do is at the end of each day sit and either write down or simple meditate on 5 things you are grateful for. It brings us back into the present and makes us aware that no matter what is happening outside ourselves there is always something to be grateful for and by cultivating that in the present moment we can attract more of the same. This raises our frequency and vibration and invites joy into our being. That, there is my 7 simple access points to reclaiming your power and getting control and clarity over you well-being! If you have any questions or would simply like to share some of your own practices or experiences with me let’s connect. In Alchemy Isa

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