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Updated: Dec 6, 2023

This journey had many Mothers and many births, so there is no real simple story as to how she came to be. She is the story of my life, the story of so many lives. She is the journey back into the Sacred Feminine, the Great Mother's arms, a journey of healing our wounds and remembering who we are, how powerful we are.

The first iteration of this journey was born around 2015, at the time, I was teaching Pilates, yoga & meditation full time and working through apprenticeships formalising my Shamanic training and practice. I had worked with Sacred Feminine energy and walked a journey with the Goddess for as long as I can remember and was fascinated by the working and interconnectedness of the Energy Centres (Chakra's) and the way these centres affect our physical, emotional and spiritual experience. My journey through the concept of energy centres began through the study of ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) texts and practices and then tracking the theories and principles of these centres through many ancient cultures, and of course, running into them again through my yoga practices and teacher training, as well as within the teachings of the various Shaman and Shamankas I worked with.

What truly motivated the birth of this course was the desperate need I felt within myself and my own life to heal. I was exhausted. I had tried everything allopathic treatment could offer so many medications, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. I did the things you're "supposed" to from when I was diagnosed with a litany of mental illnesses in my early teens until I was in my mid-thirties. I was tired, and I knew other women were too. I felt deeply called to find a different way, and I did. I found a way to heal and rebalance myself, and in this course, I share that way with you. It is not easy, it takes real deep accountability and sovereign self-responsibility, it is very challenging shadow work that will ask you to look at parts and places of yourself that might terrify you. But if you do it, if you do the work, even a little bit, it has the potential of unleashing parts of you that you never knew existed. The year I spent in 2018 working through this journey myself for the first time brought me the loss of a full-time job & business, miscarriage, haemorrhage, blood transfusions, cancer and the loss of my womb and a baby, but it also cleaned and cleared me, healed me and brought me to balance in a way I will never be able to verbalise effectively. The year I committed to doing this work saved me. Sometimes we have to strip away everything we think we are to uncover the magnificence of what we could be, and the only person that can do that for us is ourselves.

The pieces of the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation (AKA Alchemy Goddess Energy) puzzle came together in 2018 when I was guided to spend the entire year working for 52 days on each of the Energy Centres, and through that process, this journey came into being the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation course was channelled through me.

I ran the course privately, working one on one with a few clients in 2019 and then as private and group journeys in 2020 and 2021 and now again in 2022, with a couple of small adjustments as it becomes a little more refined and, of course, influenced by each extraordinary woman (and a couple of men if you can believe it) that I have been so blessed and honoured to guide through this journey.

What is Sacred Feminine Energy?

This energy has many names and comes in many forms, but fundamentally it is the energetic, creative spark of the Divine.

It is the creative force from which all creation was born and to which all creation will return. It is all that we have lost by quieting and corseting our spirit. It is the whispers of an ancient knowledge calling us home. It is all that we can feel bubbling up inside our being but have forgotten how to express.

When we reconnect with Sacred Feminine Archetypes through narrative, embodied devotion and ritual, we re-establish our connection to the Sacred Feminine and allow her to access and penetrate our being. We open our energetic channels to once again flow with power and grace. We reactivate our energetic and physical nervous system like flicking a switch to turn on the light within. We turn on the Heart and the Womb, the places in which our Feminine power resides. We reclaim our Heart and Womb and begin to channel our energy through these powerful spaces within ourselves. This energy manifests in different ways for us all, but we know her by the way she feels. We know when we are in the presence of the Goddess or the Sacred Feminine because it is our nature to know her and remember her like we do our own mother.

She is all that is familiar to the soul, she is the knowing beyond the mind. She is the force that holds when all else fails, and our worlds fall apart around us. She is the great grandmother, grandmother, mother, sister and the friend, the constant source of unconditional love. She resided within your being, at times a tiny, almost imperceptible presence, until we access her fully and she becomes a powerful, undeniable roar, she is always there.

During this journey, we will work with the archetypal narratives & daily embodied devotions that help us reconnect to the Sacred Feminine energy within us all. As these narratives are explored and resonate, they trigger a deep self-remembering and assist us in shedding the illusion of separation, personality, and social and cultural constraints. By working through the daily rituals & embodied devotions and gathering in ceremony, we begin to remember our connection to each other, our power, and Source. Through these unravelling practises, we heal and connect with our energy centres and open ourselves up to our higher dimensional guides.

During this practise, we begin to prepare ourselves for a more open connection to our own Spirit / Sacred Feminine guides, and if you have already made this connection and are actively working with your guides, this practise may open your channels a little more or allow you to explore some further connections. The course is designed to work for where you are, and you can take it as deep as you are ready to go.

What are the Energy Centres, and how do these archetypal Sacred Feminine energies connect to them?

Traditionally the human body is thought to have seven major energy centres running from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head. These centres are most commonly known as the 7 Chakras - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown (we will also work with the Earthstar and Soulstar or Viracocha).

They have been known and referred to by different names and terminology throughout most ancient belief systems across the globe and are as relevant to our modern lives as they were to the ancient peoples who first discovered them.

Please note that for the purposes of this journey and as I do not wish to align my work with any religious or cultural belief system, I will be using the term energy centre as opposed to Chakra and the English names for the centres as they are located in the body. Even though I have spent many years studying various traditions and cultural paths to the energy centres, and I have deep respect and reverence for these cultures and traditions, my work is not traditional, nor do I wish to lay claim to any culture or tradition, my work comes through the guidance of the Sacred Feminine & Masculine, Spirit guides and Ancestors I work with personally.

Understanding that our body's energy centres form an energetic conduit through which our physical body connects to the energetic ethereal body, receiving and assimilating life force energy enables us to connect with and grow this energetic connection. The energy centres flow inward, taking in information through our environment and experiences physically, emotionally and spiritually and translating those experiences into a frequential state in the physical body whilst also flowing outward, communicating our internal frequency energetically to the outside world. Thus you have a vortex of spinning energy sending and interpreting external and internal input and transmitting that input both internally and externally.

Each of the energy centres traditionally has a frequential colour and a sound frequency associated with them. Taken as a whole, they create the seven colours of the rainbow. As with the concept of energy centres, the use of the rainbow to convey information and a connection between heaven and earth, between the physical and ethereal, has been a theme going back to Norse, Hindu, Mayan, Egyptian and Celtic mythologies, to name a few, and my practise, interest and understanding of these centres span across these cultures. In the same way, the archetypal Goddess energy called upon in this practise also spans across many cultures and belief systems. We are dealing with energetic systems that are not limited to a single doctrine or dogma but rather underpin all of us as energetic beings navigating our way through this "physical" manifestation. Understanding the energy centres and the archetypal Sacred Feminine energies and their effects on our experience allows Inner Alchemy to occur, for us to create a process of increasingly refining our physical experience and deepening our understanding of both our physical and emotional wellbeing.

I have felt a deep calling and connection to Sacred Feminine energy since I was a little girl. The Goddesses are my mothers, sisters, teachers, and friends, and I work with and speak to them daily, and they speak to and through me. There have been times in my life that I set this practice aside to what I misguidedly believed to be more present in the "real world"; these were the darkest and emptiest times of my life, and in my years of spiritual growth and healing, I have learnt that there is much more on offer in the realms of the Sacred Feminine than ever could be in the achievements of the "real world."

Below is a short description of each of the archetypal Sacred Feminine energies I work with and each of the body's energy centres. This is not an official doctrine or cultural practise, this is personal to me and the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation system. What I put forth in this course is what I have been guided to communicate. Also, when it comes to the names of Goddesses / Sacred Feminine archetypes, please remember that the names may differ from culture to culture, so take in the description of the energy and allow that to resonate with a "name" that is familiar to you. The Sacred Feminine lineages are all connected and run through all the people and belief systems on this planet, so I encourage you to engage with the energy, not the name.

Root Centre - Wild Woman - Lilith / La Loba / Mama Cacao / Pachamama - Gaia

Before we begin our journey up the energy centres into the light of the Divine, we must first bury ourselves back into the dark womb of Mother Earth. We must re-wild our spirit reconnect, and acknowledge our shadow so that we can understand and accept the light within us.

This is the first of the energy centres working from the base upwards, the root centre is located at the base of the spine around the coccygeal plexus. This is our centre of safety and security, our fundamental right to be, have, and take up space.

Here we dance with the guidance and energy of the Wild Woman, and no, this is not an energy to fear. She is not wild in the way of volatility, she is wild in the way of freedom and self-sovereignty. The wild woman is not a destabilising force but instead a deeply grounding and stabilising force. She calls us to remember our connection to the sacred Earth, slow down and be present, grow our roots deep and strong, and know that the sustenance we need is always available to us. She reminds us of our right to be, to take up space and live a fully embodied and expressed life that is of benefit not only to ourselves but also to our communities.

Sacral Centre - The Creatrix Muse - Isis / Ixchel / Mary Magdalene / Inanna / Mama Cacao

The sacral energy centre takes us into our Hara (womb), our creative centre, our sexual centre of love, lust, joy and flowing expansion and transformation. This is our centre of manifestation, connection with this centre is vital if we are to manifest the lives we want.

This is the second energy centre working upwards, located around the lower abdomen and sacral plexus. This is our centre of sexuality, creativity, joy, and self-gratification - the right to feel and experience pleasure.

Here we flow with the guidance and energy of the Creatrix Muse. She calls us back into our waters and reminds us that we are the Muse of our own existence. We are Divine inspiration made manifest. She reconnects us with our creative and sexual nature and awakens the power of our Womb. She calls us back into the flow and cycles of our body and the expansiveness interconnectedness of our being. She reminds us that we are Life Force inflow and that we deserve a life as open and powerfully creative and joyful as our imagination will allow. She reconnects us to our body, calling us into joyful, loving exploration and appreciation. We remember that we are the Ocean experiencing itself as a Drop.

Solar Plexus - The Warrior Woman - Isis / Sekhmet / Nephthys

This Sacred Feminine archetype is the most forceful, she is the penetrating aspect of the Feminine.

The 3rd centre is located around the solar plexus. This is our centre of self-definition, will, ego identity, self-esteem, sense of self, spontaneity, playfulness, sense of humour, and our sense of responsibility, self-awareness, self-discipline, personal power, and maturity. This is the centre of the gut feeling, our innate physical intuition - the right to claim myself as a sovereign individuated being.

Here we set our souls alight and walk with the Warrior Woman. She calls us back into our fires, our passion and our purpose and teaches us how to walk in Sovereignty, claiming our Divinity as a birthright. We reconnect with our inner strength and remember how to channel that sustained fuel into our lives in a controlled burn rather than a flash fire. The Warrior Woman's powerful energy of transformation and reclamation walks with us and reminds us of our power. The Warrior Woman teaches us how to harness and use the rare penetrating aspect and energy of the Sacred Feminine. She brings light into the darkness and decisive action led by insight and intuition.

Heart - The Mother - Hathor / Isis / Mary-Magdalene / Mama Cacao

The archetypal mother governs our heart centre. This is the part of us that ensures our needs are met. Without it, you are not centred enough to bring anything to fruition or sustain nurturing (of yourself or others). The heart is the centre of self-acceptance, so if this centre is not harmoniously activated, you judge yourself and others too harshly. When this energy centre is open, you allow and accept your imperfections and understand that often they're our greatest teachers. This is our centre of compassion and empathy. Living and expressing from this centre is imperative for our future as well as drawing the heart centre energy down and up throughout the energy system. The intelligence that we are able to access and the clarity that is available to us when the heart centre is open and balanced is life-changing.

The 4th energy centre is located around the heart space, chest and cardiac plexus. This is our centre of empathy, love, compassion, understanding, peace, altruism, heart centred intelligence, balance and general immune health.

Here we are held in the loving arms of The Mother. In the Heart sphere, we drop into the compassionate, loving, peaceful and balanced guidance of The Mother as we fully reawaken to The Beauty Way. We are lovingly guided back into a state of Radical Trust, which allows us to live from the Heart. We remember how to drop our awareness from the intellect and limitations of the thinking mind into the infinite, expansive wisdom of the Heart. "Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us. We taste only sacredness." - Rumi.

Throat - The Medicine Woman - Ixchel / Isis / Ma'at

Your throat centre is your voice centre, from here, you speak wellness or illness into being. Whether you speak inwardly or outwardly, this is where you speak your medicine from, and it is your choice what kind of medicine that is. Your challenge here is to see your wound from a higher perspective and understand that you hold the medicine for that wound within you. When we access and honour our inner Medicine Woman, we understand that the responsibility for our healing lies within us, and as we speak it, we make it so.

The 5th energy centre is located around the throat and pharyngeal gland. This is our centre of self-expression, truth, communication, creativity, and listening—the right to know and speak our truth.

Here we sit in ceremony with the Medicine Woman. She teaches us how to heal our collective wounds and reclaim our voices. She holds us as we process the fear and trauma of speaking, hearing and living our Truth. She understands the shame of opening our Voice and holds us as we acknowledge these blocks and the traumas that caused them. She helps us connect with our inner child and listen to their stories and cries so that we can bring them peace, serenity, and a safe place to be expressed within us. She reminds us that our words are spells and that we speak our world into being; she teaches us how to create from a place of Truth and unity, reconnecting us and reminding us of our own individual medicine and how to channel that into the world for the highest good of all.

3rd Eye - The Wise Woman - Isis / Oracles of Delphi/ Hekate.

The wise woman resides in us, regardless of our age. She is the part of you that seeks solitude and enjoys meditation, esoteric study, and sacred ceremony. When she's forced into the shadows, we suffer from depression and have no access to our divine, mystical perspective, which assists us in making sense of our darker thoughts, feelings, and experiences. If the 3rd eye is closed off, were prone to dismissing psychic and non-physical phenomena out of fear and ignorance. Our inner Wise Woman reclaims her power when we acknowledge the wisdom we have gained through all our dark times. When the Wise Woman is not acknowledged, we fear ageing and death. When she is empowered, we use our intuitive insights to help others make sense of their own shadow and intuitive journeys.

The 6th centre is located around the forehead, brow and carotid plexus. This is our centre of intuition, perception, imagination, intellect and memory. - The right to see the truth in all its forms and know ourselves.

Here we journey beyond the veils into the mystic realms of the Wise Woman. She opens our True Eye and guides us back into our deep Feminine intuitive nature, reconnecting us with our innate gift of Sacred Sight. The wisdom of this energy guides us back into the fearless parts of ourselves that seek solitude, meditation, esoteric study and depth of connection to self and the world around us. The energy of the Wise Woman also guides us back into a deeper state of balance between the masculine intellectual left brain and the feminine creative right brain and reminds us of the power we hold when we are able to access this balanced union within.

Crown - The High Priestess - Sophia Ennoia Consciousness

The lesson of the High Priestess is to embody our sacred essence in the world through sacred intent and practices. When this archetype is not harmoniously activated, we can't access our power or fully embody and express our spiritual values. If we disconnect from our inner High Priestess, we unconsciously prostitute our energy by doing jobs or staying in environments or relationships that drain our power and connection to the Divine. This disconnect also drives us to choose partners for security rather than soul-fulfilling connections. The patriarchal system of control thrives and banks on keeping us cut off and dysfunctional in our Crown centres. When the Crown centre is open and fully functional, we see this system as the false facade it truly is and can access our source of sacred abundance and life. When your inner High Priestess is empowered, we embody our sacred sovereignty. The right to embody and connect to the Divine.

The 7th energy centre is located in the cerebral cortex and associated with the crown of the head. This centre develops from early adulthood onwards and is our centre of awareness, the ability to assimilate information into intelligent thought, as well as the centre that allows us a spiritual connection to the Divine. It is our centre of wisdom, self-mastery, self-knowledge, and understanding - the right to connect to our innate Divinity.

Here we reawaken to the Sophia Ennoia Consciousness and remember that we are an aspect and expression of the Divine made manifest we reconnect with and remember the High Priestess within. As we navigate the final sphere of our journey together, we are guided into the understanding that each of us is a Priestess, and through this work, we move towards reclaiming our role as High Priestess in service of the Sophia - The Sacred Feminine essence that gave birth to all that is and ever will be. Here we walk in remembrance of our connection to the union and balanced awakening of the Sacred Feminine and are guided by this powerful expression of beingness

I know the journey of the Alchemy Sacred Feminine Activation journey will be the key to your path of Inner Alchemy, healing, embodied devotion and everyday magic, just as it has been mine and many others who have walked this path.

In Alchemy

Isa Ka Ra - Gisela

If you feel called to this journey, please click the button and book and exploration call with me.

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