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Magdalene Channels

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

This Magdalene Channel was recorded and transcribed by my husband. When channelling, I am in a semi-trance state and not aware of what is being said at all, It is challenging for me to listen to the recordings as it is my voice but not me speaking, which is difficult to resolve intellectually and internally, that is why we record the channels, so he can transcribe and share what is being communicated through my vessel.

These are the words as they came through verbatim:

"The frequency communicated through this essence vibrationally creates a channel through which a higher state of sovereignty can be accessed whilst inhabiting the body three-dimensionally.

The essence of the Magdalene is an expression of the Isis Soul that embodies a softening and is centred deeply into the heart.

Structured energetically through the understanding of love and compassion, expressing the nature of this Soul’s capacity.

Compassion is an energetic state of allowance, a state of union, a state of understanding the lack of separation and dividedness. An understanding of the essence of love in this universe and the power of knowing sovereignty of self, the power of knowing non-judgement and the release of confined and enslaved narratives.

Compassion is the antithesis of enslavement and is the key to freedom of being whilst in this three-dimensional plane.

The essence of this information is to structure it inwardly. Compassion must be shown to the self. The process begins within and therefore spirals outward. It is not an external process it is a process of internal cleansing.

Compassion towards the inability to express divinity within the self. Compassion of the acceptance of enslavement. Compassion to the aspects within that are confined by the human narrative and story and therefore create separation from divinity and sovereignty.

The coming into knowing of the Magdalene energy has the ability to elevate and clear the narratives of enslavement through deep knowing and understanding of compassion and divine love. it is entering into a state of sovereignty that is beyond systemic societal systems of control. The understanding of this makes the knowing of this force powerful and disruptive. It is the embodiment of the divine feminine."

I do not presume to prescribe or impose my interpretation of the meaning of this channel, I know what it means and activates within me and hope that sharing it awakens and actives something within those who read these words and are able to open their hearts to their frequency.

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In Alchemy

Isa Ka Ra

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