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A gifted download to accompany the Sought & Found podcast with Gary Kaatze.


"Welcome to the Sought and Found Podcast, where we dive deep into the complexities of our current social structure and consensus reality. In this episode, our host interviews "Isa Ka Ra," exploring the unnatural separation ingrained in our lives, particularly within nuclear families. The conversation delves into the role of mothers, emphasizing the importance of communal parenting and the loss of collective rights of initiation in our society. The term "shamanism" is dissected, challenging misconceptions and highlighting the unique practices that connect us to different lineages and the spirit world. Isa Ka Ra discusses the multi-dimensional nature of ancestral lineages, reaching beyond cultural bloodlines to encompass our connection to the Earth and its elements. The podcast touches on communal initiations, the impact of our wounded masculine and feminine energies on society, and the need for self-awareness and responsibility. The interview explores the principles of shamanism, emphasizing the unity it brings to diverse cultures despite unique practices. The concept of sacred genders and the energetic perspective of balancing the sacred masculine and feminine within oneself is discussed, offering insights into healing wounded aspects and achieving harmony. The episode concludes with practical approaches to identifying and addressing energetic imbalances, whether through psychological understanding, nervous system regulation, or heightened awareness of energetic states. Join us on this enlightening journey to uncover the threads connecting our collective human experience."


If you would like to explore any of these concepts further, please feel free to book a connection call with Isa:

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