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Updated: Jun 15, 2022


YOU WILL PERCEIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE - We all know this inherently, but then life happens, society happens, school and university indoctrination happens, and the narratives of our cultural environments are drilled into our very being taking hold like a mycelium network growing under our skin and constantly feeding us a collective story and so we unconsciously mould our beliefs around that story. In the Western belief narrative, it is a patriarchal story, one of kill or be killed, survival of the fittest, no pain - no gain, a story where the feminine is vilified, disempowered and downright dirty unless she is a “virginal” (and I use this term incorrectly as it, in fact, means free woman) maiden waiting upon rescue from a gallant knight. This has led further to women believing they must either adopt the character of the wounded masculine aggressor or the wounded feminine maiden or suffering martyr awaiting rescue. Unfortunately, the true role of the Feminine in society has become so corrupted and crippled when viewed through the patriarchal lens. The belief instilled in the West is that we are pitted against nature and thus against ourselves. The belief is that we are separate from God and the Divine, we are somehow unholy creatures cast out of the Garden (the fault of a woman, of course) - But this narrative has a much deeper meaning than being merely physically sexist, the deeper underlying belief it creates is that if we are not an aggressor constantly fighting against the world around us in order to stake our claim, then something will be taken from us.

It creates the belief that not only other people but the natural world, including beings such as microbes, bacteria and viruses, are actively out to get us. This belief is then used to turn a profit because it ticks our fear-based belief boxes. We believe what we are told/taught and not what we actually personally experience, which of course then influences and dictates the parameters of our personal experience. This has become mind-boggling to me, the more I have dismantled my beliefs and rely solely on my deeper experience, I no longer believe what I’m told, I believe only what I experience, through depth and authenticity. This practice of constantly dismantling beliefs is a keystone of all Shamanic systems - we are constantly challenged to review what we believe so that our perception never becomes stagnant and because The shaman understands that we Dream our world into being and therefore are fully responsible for our own and the collective experience. I encourage you to do the same, and challenge your beliefs!

THE PATTERN IS THE MAP In order to dismantle and investigate our beliefs, we must first understand what they are, I know you think you know what you believe, but I promise you, you don’t, none of us truly understand the depths of our programming and how fundamentally it influences our experience. But we can begin to uncover what this programming is by investigating and creating a map of our patterns and then overlaying those with our familial patterns, then with our cultural patterns and so on. Very quickly, you will see a story begin to emerge, this story is called Consensus Reality. It is the version of reality that a collective of people prescribe to or “believe in” the power of their collective belief informs their experience, and because many people are experiencing this consensus reality at once, it seems to those who are vested in it to be real. The truth, however, is that it is only a version of reality, one that is being collectively dreamt into being by the beliefs of a collection of individuals and because all of these individuals are experiencing relatively the same dream, no one sees any need or reason to question its validity. The weight of these collective dreams can be crushing, especially in our modern social construct when so much of our perceived reality is based on billions of people believing what their TV set tells them. Never before in history has the beliefs and agendas of so few influenced the reality of so many. We live in an age where we are very willing to override our personal experience and knowledge to conform to a fear-based collective narrative, in fact, in this current construct, you will be shamed outright if you do not override all logic and sense to drop into this fear-based consensus reality. This is why it has never before been so important for each of us to investigate and dismantle our beliefs - The Q’ero Shaman know this, they came down from the mountains to bring a message of warning and hope to the Western world, to teach us that we are dreaming the wrong world into being through our collective beliefs, it is up to us to dismantle this dream and create a new one, each of us who awakens to our personal roll in the construct and commits to healing our wounds and dreaming a new way, is birthing a New Earth in Ayni (reciprocity) with nature and Pachamama - The Beauty Way. I know it may seem overwhelming when you look at it from a belief of separation and fear, but when you flip that and work inside out, you realise that all you really have to do is focus on healing and awakening yourself, and that will ripple out and help others to do the same. As Within So Without! Look for your patterns and create your new map. DISCERNMENT To begin to dismantle and free ourselves from the consensus reality of our individual and collective beliefs, we must practice the art of Discernment. This requires us to look at every aspect of our lives, at everything we consume, our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves and ask these questions: How does this serve me? How does this serve my community? How does this serve the whole? (i.e. nature, the collective etc.) When we begin to run our beliefs through these simple gateways, they often shatter as they are not of service or in Ayni (reciprocity) with either our personal or the greater good. When we practice Discernment, we can’t help but become aware that the Western patriarchal view instilled by the narrative of our expulsion as humans from the Garden, which installed the narrative programming that the natural world is an adversarial environment, has led to a consistent program of environmental destruction; not only of our planet but of our physical and energetic bodies as well, through the unnatural foods we consume, environments we live in, the way we work and educate, the unnatural “beauty” standards we aspire to and attempt to contort our bodies into, right through to the unnatural nuclear family structures that isolate us from our community and places mothers, especially, in an impossible role. As we practice the art of Discernment we are able to take personal responsibility for our beliefs, to access our sovereignty in understanding that the patriarchal programming is not, in fact, a universal law, but rather just a system of beliefs that at its core does not support the principles of Life, as we see this more and more clearly these programmes begin to dissolve, as the cracks appear and we reconnect with the sacred knowledge of the ancients a whole new story of humanity emerges. We become seekers as opposed to followers. I encourage you deeply to challenge your beliefs, map your patterns and apply the principles of Discernment in your life - Become the Seeker and shift your reality from within. It is not only our right, but also our responsibility to Dream our world into being and to ensure that Dream is the re-awakening of the Beauty Way. In Alchemy Isa

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