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The Alchemy Movement offers various Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions, Containers, Courses, Workshops and Retreats through which to access your journey of Inner Alchemy and transformation.

Isa assists you in facilitating your awaking & remembering of your own power to bring balance and shift the beliefs that hold you trapped in patterns of dis-ease and dysfunction. 

Through various Shamanic techniques and processes, clients are guided to step fully into their highest expression of being. 

A commitment to Alchemy - transforming and transmuting our collective pain and suffering into Love and Sovereign Expression of Being.


The purpose behind The Alchemy Movement is to answer a deep calling to remember and rebirth the path of The Sacred Feminine & The Beauty Way. 

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Isa Ka Ra - Gisela is an initiated Mesa-carrying Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner & graduate of The Four Winds, a student of Dr Alberto VilloldoMarcela Lobos & Giuliano Salas, as well as being trained in various other ancient healing methods, including being a Channel and initiated Oracle for the Isis Soul Collective & Rose Priestess Lineages offering a range of Shamanic and Energy healing modalities specifically curated to her client's individual needs. Isa is also a Shamanic facilitator and faculty member of Genesis Holistic Medicine. Isa's core focus is assisting her clients to re-awaken the Sacred Feminine and walk the path of The Beauty Way. 


Sessions are adjusted and augmented throughout your time together to release core wounding and achieve personal alchemy and transformation. This process of Shamanic Alchemy aims to bring balance and challenge restrictive beliefs, to create an enhanced life experience and access your full potential. 


More than that, Isa is a mother and a wife,  a seeker with a deep and relentless thirst for understanding and reawakening our Sacred Feminine lineages and activating the Collective Feminine Wisdom Body to access the rites and teachings we have lost or forgotten.

Further to sessions of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Sacred Feminine Activation, Shamanic Teaching Courses, Mentorships, and other healing modalities, Isa offers various ceremonial practices, including Cacao Ceremonies, Fire Ceremonies, Despacho, Shamanic Marriage, Death Rites, as well as Home, Space and Land Clearings.

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