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To say that the work I have done with Isa has been life changing is an understatement.

I have had to dig deep to do the work that she has shown me.


Having never placed any value on my spiritual well-being it came as a big shock to me after my daughter was born 5 years ago and I stopped working that I was actually lost and searching for something.

I continued to just wade through the days and my life subconsciously thinking that I needed to do something to ‘feel better’ 


I met Isa about 2 years ago thinking I was ‘just going to have my energy realigned’ I laugh now at this knowing how vulnerable I was ( and still am) and how easy I thought ‘fixing myself ‘ would be.

I live mostly in my head ( something I understand now after meeting Isa) and I can say it was grace that allowed me to be so open minded about the things she has told me, shown me and explained to me.


I am in awe of her intuition and how quickly she can tap into my emotional state and be with me in this sometimes very dark space.


My husband ( an actuary who had no interest whatsoever in ‘this stuff’ and is all about tangible black and white concepts) was very interested in the things I was doing and learning with Isa and went for a session with her too. After that session he fully supports the work that I am doing as he most certainly felt what I feel in her.


By no means is my journey complete in fact it’s only just started but I am so grateful that I started with Isa and that I am so very blessed to continue with her.


It’s so hard for me personally this journey of self-discovery and learning of new concepts ( and unlearning of old beliefs) but it’s my declaration of self-love to do the work .

I trust Isa implicitly and would encourage whoever is reading this and feels ‘something’ to have a session with her.

- Tracey Nobbs 

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