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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

10/2/2021 Alchemy Shamanic Medicine, as with all Shamanic practices is centred around calling balance back into all facets of life. To call all aspects of our being back into right-relation. However, before we can effectively answer this question, we have to address Western society's misconceptions and beliefs around the concepts of both "Healing" and "Medicine".

Through a committed campaign stretching back several centuries these concepts, in fact, all of our western beliefs around health have been thoroughly co-opted by the pharmaceutical and allopathic industry. The co-opted narrative is one that is built on the foundation of illness. The belief that wellness and health are held in the hands of the medical-industrial complex and pharmaceutical industry. In this deeply ingrained belief, doctors and drugs, equal healing - health is not a perpetual state of being but rather a by-product produced by consuming the correct pharmaceutical or seeing the correct specialist doctor who will diagnose you with the correct illness to access the correct drug.

Unfortunately, this system is underpinned by income generation, the more sick people are the more return customers. You don't go back to your doctor when you are well. You only go back when you are ill, so keeping you perpetually unhealthy is the only way for a doctor or the pharmaceutical / allopathic industry to stay in business. This is all good and well, as long as you understand that the "Health System" and "Health" or "Healing" have nothing to do with each other and an obvious distinction needs to be made between them. As a society, we need to rewrite what we understand the words "Health", "Healing" and "Medicine" to mean. To be clear, allopathic medicine has its place, if you break a leg or your appendix bursts, don't come running to me to fix it! Go to the hospital. But afterwards, you can come to your Shamanic practitioner to help you understand what vibrational states and beliefs you held to create the conditions that called in the broken leg or angry appendix. When we look at the concepts of "Healing" and "Medicine" from a Shamanic perspective they are not connected to fighting against or eliminating illness but rather to creating the optimal conditions for health and wellness. This means that "Health", "Healing", "Wellness" & "Medicine" are conditions of enhancement and advancement, they are the results of a balanced internal state and not an opposite to illness. We move away from the concept of opposition and into the realms of unification, expansion and balance—more life on a macrocosmic scale, not control over a microcosm.

From the Shamanic perspective health is an inside job. When the organism is in opposition to its environment, then the environment will do what it must to bring the organism back into homeostasis - or balance. For example, our bodies are largely made up of bacteria and viruses, we need them to live, and they need us to be a suitable and healthy host or home for them to thrive in. When we become toxic to our colonies of viruses and bacteria, they cause the body to go into a detox so that they can bring us back into homeostasis and have a functioning home to live in. This detox is diagnosed by western medicine as being sick. "The virus/bacteria has made you sick" says the doctor. The Shamanic practitioner says, you stepped out of a state of health, and your internal ecosystem was disrupted and endangered. Hence, it created the conditions for detoxification so that you could come back into alignment and health. These detoxes usually include fevers, coughing and expelling of phlegm and mucus, nausea or diarrhoea. Your body has to expel the toxins and bring you out of an acidic state and back to an alkaline internal environment. If the more favourable alkaline environment cannot be maintained longterm and you continuously slip back into acidic states of being, the body runs the risk of forming tumours and cancers. Our internal environment is disrupted by our mental and emotional states. When we are continuously in states of fear and stress, and our nervous system is on high alert/fight or flight mode, our bodies become acidic. This acidity leads to the need for detox, which leads to the allopathic diagnosis of illness. By understanding this process, we can begin to address the root cause, which is often energetic. This is where the Shamanic approach comes in, we look at the body and healing from an energetic and holistic perspective. If we correct and increase the conditions for health, then we increase the likelihood of health. We begin by addressing the patterns and beliefs that cause discord within. We address the disruptive energetic states, and the more these are brought into balance, the less disruption and discord are attracted into your life. The latest studies in neuroscience is now confirming what Shamanic practitioners have known for millennia. Our modern understanding of neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to organise itself into higher-order neurocircuitry, confirms that we can create psychosomatic health. Furthermore, research into biology and epigenetics confirms that we modify our genetic expression through what we eat, drink, breathe, think, fear and dream. This brings us back to the Shamanic foundation that we Dream our lives and world into being, as within so without. Suppose we set the intention and work towards coming up with new dreams and beliefs to carry us in life. In that case, we can save ourselves from replaying and repeating the conditions we inherited through our ancestry or social conditioning. The Shamanic belief holds that we can modify our genetics through our energy field. That it is possible to access hidden areas that activate the conditions that create health. The intent of Alchemy Shamanic Energy Medicine is to help clients identify core wounding utilising various methods & ancient Sacred Feminine Shamanic Technologies to assist in processing these wounds and the beliefs held because of these wounds. Understanding that our beliefs affect our neurology, which affects our biology and gene expression, which affects our health and all aspects of our experience. I assist clients in getting to the start of this domino effect so that they can call back their power and change their lives from the inside out - Inner Alchemy. The core difference is that I retain clients through how well they are, the more they improve, the more motivated they are to continue doing the work. This is the fundamental difference between "balancing/healing" and Allopathic "Health Care" - I do not benefit from clients remaining ill, they will not come back if they stay out of balance, or if their condition worsens. They come back because they experience a progression towards wellness/balance in all aspects, often for the first time in their lives. They want to learn how to manifest more of it. The intent is always for a client to reach a point where they don't need me anymore because they have gathered all of the tools they need to manifest wellness/balance independently. Alchemy Shamanic Energy Medicine is a process of awakening and enhancing personal power and advancement, to create the conditions for a higher expression and fulfilment of purpose. Fundamentally I work with Alchemy, which is the transformation of the wound into medicine. I assist clients in alchemising their base vibrations into a higher expression awakening to the precious medicine they hold within. In Alchemy Isa

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