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As a modern society we have forgotten the value of gathering in ceremony, in a manner where all participants are viewed as equal and valuable contributors to the whole. In a manner that allows for a safe space to feel, learn, experience, express and grow. We’ve forgotten what it truly means to be held in a safe space, without judgment or the need to conform to any preset. A space in which we are safely held to explore both the internal and external realms. Creating this space is my intention with an Alchemy Cacao Ceremony, with the aid of the Sacred Plant Medicine that is Cacao the container in which we are held is created. Mama Cacao when called wraps her arms around us and take us on a journey into our hearts so that we my shed the layers of mis-truths that have been wrapped around our being to begin to reconnect with our essence and the fundamental sovereign nature of our souls. Ceremony is held in various different formats and with varying components depending on the themes and topics being explored, but will always consist of the opening of sacred space to create the container in which we will work and then generally an introduction to the theme, an introduction and calling of Mama Cacao, consumption of the Cacao, a meditation or some form of practice and then a voluntary opportunity to share and discuss your experience. Finally the sacred space will be again closed and the medicine thanked. As an energetic intuitive and channel these aspects are often part of my ceremonies and there might be times when I will be channeling a non-physical presence that wishes to add to the space, this is done through my allowance of this channel and is always done in a safe and respectful way to those present. Although ceremonies are fun and often lighthearted this is a Divine, Powerful and Sacred medicine and practice and should not be entered into without that understanding.

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