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Remembering & Rebirthing an Old World through the Reactivation of the Sacred Feminine

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

There is a tonal resonance within the body of every woman. A vibrational harmonic frequency that is played in the distinctive physical shape of our pelvic bowls like a singing bowl or bone-made drum. This vibration, this frequency is attuned to the Goddess to the Great Mother to Sophia Ennoia the Primordial birther of all life and the regenerative creatrix of all existence.

As women, we can be played by the Goddess to resonate this regenerative vibrational frequency out into the world and we as women can access this tonality within us. This sacred sound, this regenerative frequential life-giving life-affirming vibration within us.

The actual physical structure of the female form is a sacred instrument of regeneration - of birth and life, a true mirror image of the Divine, of the Great Mother, who in her essence is not a frequency of fertility alone but one of regeneration, of death and rebirth, of infinite creative potential - this infinite creative potential is mirrored and reflected in the female form.

The female body is a sacred landscape, our life-giving bellies, our pelvic bones so perfectly arranged to expand and contract to allow for birth, the milk that pours from our breast to nourish but also intelligent enough to produce the antibodies to heal. Within the womb of your grandmother lay your mother, yourself and your children - The Feminine body is the body of Life.

The ancient people of Mother Earth knew that all of creation was born through the Goddess, that the Mother was sacred and the Feminine Divine. This understanding resulted in communities that lived in peace and reciprocity not only with one another but with the land, with the Earth. Great cycles of time were experienced in this way, lives upon lives lived in peace and reciprocity with each other and the Earth in a matrilineal social and cultural understanding and expression of life and humanity.

Women's bodies collectively sang the Sacred songs of creation and regeneration, free from fear and persecution, our nervous systems interwoven and interconnected like a great mycelial network across the globe we vibrated and held a frequency of peace and more life for all - a Sacred Feminine tone that set the tone for all life.

This tone, this interwoven Womb Web that spanned the Earth and held her in the vibration of regeneration and more life for all, although woven and vibrationally and tonally held by women and the Sacred Feminine was revered, strengthened and harmonized by men holding a vibration of reverence to the Feminine. Not only was the body of women held as sacred so was the body of Earth.

We have not always been at war with each other, ourselves and the planet, survival of the fittest and our current androcratic social structures are not our true and only nature, in fact far from it, there was a time that we lived in peace with ourselves and Mother Earth, held in the vibration of the Sacred Feminine and secured by the Womb Web Wisdom Body of consciously resonating women across the globe. The evidence of the neolithic matrilineal and gynecocratic social structures and complex spiritual, social, agricultural, artistic and culturally rich societies abound, but unfortunately, they do not fit the androcentric patriarchal narrative of male domination and a human soul formed through war, destruction, suffering and subjugation, these narratives have been so deeply ingrained in our collective memories because of the shear depth of the trauma that has been etched into our bones and the bones of our collective ancestors over the past +- 4000 years that we are simply too frightened to even dream that there once was a world, a way of life a way of being that was not based on suffering and survival.

The entire new age narrative of creating a New Earth is a reactionary result of our collective trauma and amnesia as a species, we know somewhere deep within that a different way of life, of living is possible, but we have forgotten that it is not some future thing we have to reach forward through time to achieve but in truth the memory of our collective ancestral past that is simply asking to be remembered.

I say this often, we don’t need to create a New Earth we simply need to remember and Re-Birth an Old Earth and the memory of how to do that is etched into the womb and pelvic bowl of every woman, it is carved into the heart of every man.

My life is devoted to this remembering, to peeling back the layers of trauma and pain that drown out the voice of the Great Mother. To heal and heal and heal again, so that I may rewrite the stories and broken beliefs of not only my own being but of my entire lineage. As I anchor this medicine into my body and sacred being. Over and over I remember and so I am remembered - not as an act of another or through some egoic statement of being etched upon the world but a being remembered by the Goddess as she awakens within my being to embrace me again teaching me, guiding me and governing my path, the work of this Great Remembering this Great Mother Rebirthing, this Sacred Feminine Activating and Reawakening unfolds and unfurls within my being bit by bit as I spiral deeper and deeper into the depths of this Goddess granted knowing - this Sacred Feminine Gnosis.

This activation, excavation, remembering and being remembered is available to us all, it is there coded into your very being, if you wish to you simply need to seek Her out. But that is where many of us stop - it is where I stopped for many years, I swallowed back Her voice, pushed the memory of Her down so deep into my body because I simply couldn’t reconcile the trauma of my own life or the world around me with the memory of a different way, a Beauty Way that was still there engraved into my bones, vibrating in my being, like a distant drum beat guiding me back home. I didn’t want to hear it, because it seemed too far away, like a mirage in the desert, I felt that if I followed that drum beat within me it would lead me to my death. In fact, it was ignoring it that killed me, over and over again, until I relented and surrendered, until I stopped fighting against Her call and answered it, and then I was reborn.

I will not lie to you, the initiations of remembering and being remembered through the Sacred Feminine have not been and are not gentle, they are fundamentally centred on death and rebirth, on regeneration, but there is no regeneration without decay, the snake must shed her skin, the great oak must fall to the forest floor, the rivers must flood and the fires must burn, we must move through our own times of plentitude and barrenness and embrace the fact that we live in a great cyclical spiralling universe, a web of interconnectedness, of death, rebirth and death again. We are not separate from nature or one another but rather our every thought, breath and word impacts and affects the world within and around us. Just as a gentle breeze can grow to become a tornado so your words can be used to create or destroy.

And so with this understanding, of birth, death & rebirth we can look at the greater truth and reality of the state of our world as we experience it today and have done for the past 2000ish years as in fact not a permanent state of patriarchal androcratic destruction and suppression but as part of the cycle, we are in a state of decay, of breaking down and tearing apart the fabric of our social, cultural, spiritual and individual beingness - being brought into deeper and deeper states of isolation and desecration during this cycle. But through the witnessing of this, through the understanding that it is not an all-encompassing and finite reality of our nature as human beings we are able to see the bigger picture and through that deepened understanding are able to access the importance of remembering and reawakening the Sacred Feminine as an antidote, as a balm for our human soul and the Earth, with the understanding that it is not the Earth we are trying to save, I assure you She does not need us, nor does She need saving, it is ourselves and the potential we have been given in this magnificent *Matrix, This Womb of the Great Mother to initiate our souls through this 3 dimensional plane of existence into greater states of power.

So I spiral back now to the body of the woman, this physical feminine form, this sacred vessel, the mirror and representation of the Great Mother, The Goddess Creatrix of All Life, Sophia Ennoia made manifest - I ask you to sit with this sacred vessel your soul has incarnated into, this instrument of life, listen to her tone, to what she is seeking, feel what resonates within the chambers of your Womb and your Heart. Listen to the voices of your ancestors, to your forgotten selves as they sing and etch themselves into your blood and bones, let them paint you the pictures you need to see so you can know where to seek their healing, where to look to find them peace so that you can bring them onto your team in a way that is in support of our great collective remembering and reactivation of the Sacred Feminine and the Tribes of the Mother.

Listen to their guidance, seek out the teachers, healers, guides and practices, the elders and wisdom keepers, the voices of the children and the child within yourself calling for healing and remembering, those that are still in direct communion with the unseen and forgotten realms, speak to the trees, the flowers, the waters, the winds, the stones, the soil and the animals of Earth and listen as they speak to you in return, yes you may have forgotten that you speak leaf or tree or ant, but you will remember all of these languages if you listen, all of these quests will help you to heal so that you may hear more clearly, remember more deeply and be a vessel through which this Old World may be rebirthed anew.

And if in this life you were born into the body of a man, then place your ear, your heart and your hands in reverence onto the sacred body of a woman, let her body speak to you, let it guide you and heal you and hold you into remembering your own Divinity. Do not let your ego tell you that her sacredness somehow undermines your own, instead, bow your head and marvel at the fact that you are able to access the Divine, to commune with the Sacred, with all of the majesties of creation made manifest, through your access to the Female Form.

If you feel called to this journey of remembering and reawakening an Old World through the spiral journeys of the Sacred Feminine I would be happy to connect and perhaps share some of what I have learned with you, so that you may in turn share it with others.

We may journey together through one of my courses or in mentorship sessions as all of my work is fundamentally anchored in this remembrance.

The links below give insight into some of the paths offered:

Or if you enjoy and feel you benefit from my work, please support me by becoming a Matron of the Matreon Membership - A portal for guided Sacred Feminine Practices.  

*Matrix - The word Matrix is derived from the word Mater / Mother, as the time has come for us as women to reclaim our sacred nature, it has also come for us to reclaim our words of power, words like witch, crone, hag, virgin and whore as well as words like matrix or mother must be reclaimed, and their etymology understood so that they can once more become words of power. If you would like to explore this concept a little more around the word Matrix, please read the following article Embracing the Matrix/Mater/Mother

In Alchemy

Isa Ka Ra

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