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Release Or Repeat - Eclipse Insights

This eclipse cycle has come with two very clear and very simple insights for me, the first came on the 30th of April with the Solar eclipse, it was a simple phrase received during meditation - DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. That was all. Ever so often, I will have these messages come through, the Great Mother’s voice in my head, well in my entire being, to be more precise, when the words land, they resonate through me as if the makeup of my whole genetic structure is being rearranged, like a bell being rung, it is both subtle and utterly unnerving at the same time, and when it happens, it reverberates through me for a long time.

Those three little words “DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY” the answer to so many questions, the soft water to free us from so many dead ends, the key to so many locked doors.

The next insight came during the Lunar eclipse on the 16th, and I admit I’ve been resisting this one a little because it seems ever so slightly more difficult, the simple phrase that reverberated through my being was ‘RELEASE OR REPEAT.”

O, the resistance in my bones, but I’ve seen it so clearly! In myself, my clients, and my friends, what we are not releasing or are holding onto is coming back hard, all those old patterns and triggers lined up to see if you/we/I can DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY. They are sneaky little buggers disguised in all manner of shiny, shimmering, alluring ways. The glamour of our own illusion, our need to do what is familiar, that internalised Stockholm syndrome we all face, it’s safer in the dysfunction because we know it so well.

Look at your life right now, how many opportunities are you being given to do things differently, to release old behaviour, beliefs, and reactions? How many old stories are suddenly coming back to life, like bloody zombies rising up? Are you inviting things in that you closed the door on long ago? Are you taking the same old path when a new one has very clearly presented itself? Are you moving from fear? Staying with what’s familiar even when you know it’s dysfunctional because, you know, “better the devil you know”? If I hear another person shrug and say, “same shit, different day”, I might actually cry because why do we choose the shame shit repeatedly when we can simply “DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.”

We do because these patterns are instilled over lifetimes and perpetuated through small crimes, it’s not the big sweeping actions of our lives or those of our ancestors that truly determine our course, it is all the little choices we make, especially the ones we make internally, the ones the outside world is never even aware of. Those things we repeat to ourselves, the stories that form the bedrock of who and what we believe we are. The chances we don’t take, the words we don’t speak, the moves we don’t make.

I pour these words out this morning as I pray I have the strength to “do things differently, to release what I do not wish to repeat” I pray I have the self-awareness to witness and be honest about what I need to do differently, to release the patterns and stories that keep me tethered to a narrative I no longer want to take part in. I say the same prayer for us all, may we have the strength to step into radical trust and self-responsibility with open hearts, may we take the leap and DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY.

In Alchemy


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