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Originally written in 2020 but I felt called to share this post again as it is still very relevant and I believe the medicine and message that was brought through that night is still integrating within my being and in our collective unconscious.

On the eve of the 22nd July 2020, I awoke to find Mary Magdalene present once again, she had come to me before but not in this way. This time she was fully present, I could feel her being, her love and Compassion coming over me in waves. The more I recognised her, the more my mind, my ego began to intersperse these waves of pure unconditional love and Compassion with waves of nauseating anger. She would send me a wave of light language and DNA reconstituting love, Compassion and divine knowledge, and at receiving this wave light transmission, my ego and left-brain would revolt with fury. Not at her, but at the centuries that we have been denied the truth of the Magdalene. Rage at the lies and corruption of her name and of all that she was and still is today.

The anger would rise in me, and then again, she would send another wave of love, of Compassion, of unconditional radical forgiveness. This carried on in varying degrees for the next week. From 22nd July to the 26th, I felt like I was being drowned and resurrected, again and again, bathed in Compassion and then anger, wave after wave. Eventually, on the eve of the 26th, I surrendered, I simply let go. I could no longer justify my anger, my hatred and resentment at a system that had stolen from me a love so deep and unconditional. Mary Magdalene would no longer allow me to carry this rage at a religious system that had bastardised and blatantly lied about her identity. A system that had attempted to erase the role she played not only as a woman of incredible spiritual knowledge and guidance but also of the love and life she shared with Yeshua. This system attempted, in vain, to erase her knowledge and teachings. In doing so, robbed generations of women and men of a Divine love and an understanding of love, as well as of our Sacred Sovereign Divinity. I so wanted to hold onto this rage, to hold onto the suffering of the injustice of it all, but she wouldn't let me.

However, the point is not to rant on about the wrong that was done nor the lies that denied us access and experience of our own Divine Sovereignty.

No, that was not the message Mary Magdalene came to give, she came to speak of Compassion. She came to speak of The Beauty Way and of how now, right now, during this powerful Lion's Gate of 2020 was when this old way would once again make itself known to those who are ready to walk the way of the Rose.

At first, I did not fully understand what Mary Magdalene meant when she repeated the word Compassion to me over and over again. I had understood compassion to be something akin to empathy, something that you offer externally to someone who is suffering. I had understood and interpreted the meaning of compassion to be an outward action, something given outward, like kindness. This interpretation was what had brought such fury and anger up in me in the first place, as I genuinely do struggle to find compassion for those who defiled and attempted to erase the message and memory of Mary Magdalene from our collective consciousness. So it took a while of her having to subtly but repeatedly rewrite my coding for me to begin to understand what she was trying to show me. What she had come to teach me.

She came to give me an understanding of Compassion (and I am capitalising it for a reason) as a Divine act of self-love. To teach me the tool of inward Sovereign Compassion, the system of the Beauty Way Compassion. This Sovereign Compassion is not an act of kindness or empathy that is shown to something or someone outside yourself. Instead, it's a deeply internal and meditative state in which we turn the eyes and I's of the mind inward and draw our entire being into the heart. This Compassion is a sacred act of self-love of understanding our worth and Divine Sovereignty. It is a state that requires reverence to our own being and a willingness to acknowledge our shadow and embrace it fully in radical forgiveness and unconditional love.

The resistance that rose within me as I began to comprehend what Mary Magdalene asked of me was physically painful. Every part of my ego revolted at this concept, of a love so deep. At this message of a Compassion so all-encompassing that all my darkness. My unworthiness, shortcomings and crimes, both big and small, could be enveloped and dissolved in this act of Divine Compassion to self, that I could raise my vibrational frequency and clear both my own and ancestral detritus from my being through this practice. My ego wouldn't have it, and this battle of my ego holding onto its deep-rooted narratives of anger and suffering and Mary Magdalene silencing me with her Compassion and Love carried on.

She is winning this battle, though, as we move today into the full power of the Lions Gate portal. My ability to interpret and understand her message more clearly heightened by the clarity and 3rd-Eye opening sight granted to me at this time, she is winning, and I am beginning to understand the message of the Magdalene.

I am going to try my best to put it into words here; I hope that those who read it feel it rather than judging it purely on my ability to interpret in my own words:

A Message from Mary Magdalene during Lions Gate 2020

There is only one way out of suffering, and that is the Beauty Way; it is the way of Divine Sovereign Compassion. It is the path to and through the heart. To access this path is treacherous as it requires us to turn inward wholly and to be willing to look at the entirety of our being and internal landscape through the eyes of the Divine, through the eyes of unconditional love and radical acceptance. It requires for the ego and character to be lovingly tamed and subdued. It requires that the shadow be acknowledged, recognised and thanked for the purposes it serves. It requires a radical internal honesty that is neither pleasant nor easy to access. I have only experienced glimpses of this state as I write this, and it is at times nauseating in its intensity and at others downright impossible to sit in because of the sheer discomfort it stirs up within. But in the moments, I have been brave enough to take Mary Magdalene's hand and allow her to lead me deep into the cave of my own heart. In the silence there, I am beginning to find this Compassion. It is a forgiveness so deep that no wrong done upon your being or by you is excluded from its reach. By allowing this Compassion to begin to permeate and penetrate your being, you are elevated, you are raised as the four angels raised Mary Magdalene seven times a day. You are lifted out of the enslavement and sorrow of your egoic humanity and placed gently back into the joy of your Divine Sovereignty. Mary Magdalene offers us a path back to our Sovereignty, a journey back to our Divinity, and I, for one, am going to walk it with her. I am ready to walk The Beauty Way.

In Alchemy

Isa Ka Ra

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