27/3/2020 Lock-Down, what a peculiar state we find ourselves in? The year of outward possibility and excitement has turned instead to one of inward exploration and contemplation. I for one knew this was going to be a year of big change and quantum leaps of growth but little did I know it was going to happen with the threat of pandemic and physical lock-down. What a beautiful equaliser and reminder than we are all equal and connected this little virus has become. As our SA government has kindly granted us 21 days (the perfect amount to make or break a habit) I would like to invite you to join me daily at 12pm local SA time for a channeled meditation, these will be happening live on Instagram from today to the 16th of April 2020. My aim with this is to be of service during this time, to assist in guiding you inside while we can't go outside and to remind those that feel alone that you are not, you are a Divine Sovereign Being and can never be alone. This is the time to connect and listen to your souls calling, we are all being given a beautiful opportunity to allow all that is not for our own nor the highest good of all to fall away at this time. Take this opportunity to figure out what that may be for you and to commit to bravely stepping onto your soul path when this is over. In Alchemy Isa Ka Ra - Gisela

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