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When channelling Isa Ka Ra, a name given to her by the Isis Soul Collective for her to be able to hold the frequency of the channel works either in a semi-trance state or via writing; the informational frequency is directed through Isa, her body and conscious mind are used as a channel for this energetic stream of communication into a verbal or written expression.


She is not consciously present or aware of what is being channelled while in the semi-trance state. She does, however, at times receive imagery and information that is not immediately available to be expressed orally, and these will be translated and interpreted as she comes out of the channelling state or in writing. 


Below is a condensed transcript of the first recorded message from the Isis Soul Collective. This was The Collectives introduction to Isa Ka Ra's husband, who assists her in this work holding a safe space in which to drop into the necessary state:


"We are a collective of the Soul known as Isis (Auset).                            

We are aligning to guide for those of greater aspect and awakening to choose a timeline of higher service and balance in frequency and in-service to lessening the discord of duality.

There are beings holding this channel through all dimensions.

We have numbers of beings in many systems, we speak from many systems.

We speak even from Earth in a timeline which is not yours.

In agreement we have come together, many souls from many places under one collective, connected through the Isis soul lineage.

We understand Isis to be not one being but many of us incarnate at different times through one soul, we are many, but we are one."

the Isis Soul Collective channelled by Isa Ka Ra

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