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Alchemy through the medicine wheel Course

A Beauty Way Journey Through the Medicine Wheel

Alchemy Through the Medicine Wheel course workbook

Working with the Medicine Wheel assists us in accessing our journey in a way that connects us to the Archetypes of the Seven directions which are representative of the organising principles of the Universe.

These are the forces that we call to create sacred space but also the forces that influence and inform our experience.

On the Alchemy through the Medicine Wheel journey, we work with an amalgamation of Medicine Wheels because I am initiated into different lineages and because I feel called to work with the land where I walk and to always channel my work in the most authentic way aligned with integrity and intent - I share with you the archetypes linked to the traditions of the Q’ero as well as the Auset - Magdalene Rose Lineage wheels.

Working consciously with the Medicine Wheel is a deeply Sacred Feminine Circular practice, although different from culture to culture it is ingrained and innate to all humanity the purpose of this course is to assist you in finding your own access point to this sacred medicine and applying that to your own journey of inner alchemy. 

The Journey

Alchemy through the Medicine Wheel is offered as a course with various options, you may choose to work through the workbook on your own or privately with me, or to join the group journey, please click the button below to access the PDF with more information on the course options. 

What To Expect

On this journey, we will be exploring firstly the horizontal axis of the medicine wheel consisting of the 4 directions beginning in the South, West, North and East, we then graduate to the vertical axis working through the lower, middle and upper worlds.

The journey through the 7 directions is navigated through the Archetypes, Prayers, Embodiments, Practices and Rites associated with each direction. The purpose is to engage not only our physical senses and awareness but to drop into a deeper state of Spirit awareness, to witness our interconnectedness and connect with a deep remembering of the Beauty Way and the Sacred Feminine Lineages that bind us. A journey to clear the collective feminine pain body and reawaken and activate a deep connection to the Feminine Wisdom Body. 

As we work through each of the directions you will receive sessions of Shamanic Energy Medicine to assist in integrating the work as well as receiving the Rites aligned with each direction, the Practices will form part of your "homework" these Practices over time become a toolkit that you can access and utilise for the rest of your life as you walk this spiral medicine path over and over. 

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