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Wise Women Retreat
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In alignment with the four seasons, Isa Ka Ra in collaboration with Sterrekopje hosts 4 Wise Women retreats, a celebration and reclamation of the Wise Woman within.

Co-created to build deeper connections with our innate feminine power, this retreat is a gentle & joyful path to self-remembering and reclamation.



Rather than focusing on self-improvement, this retreat is about celebrating and strengthening our sovereignty, our power, and the ways in which we can utilise this power not only for ourselves but for the collective.


We explore the thread that binds us, womb to womb, woman to woman, stretching back in time, creating a web of connection and information from all who came before us, and all who will come after us.

Sterrekopje dam swims


1-7 April 2023

The Autumn Full Moon Wise Women retreat explores the beauty of surrender; a softening in our being and letting go of that which no longer serves us. We come together in sisterhood to connect, co-create, and celebrate. Working with each other, ourselves, and Mother Nature. 


The Autumn retreat includes both group gatherings and individual rituals, from sharing circles & ceremonies to private sessions.


Body-to-soul rituals, from the ancient Hammam experience to guided medicine sessions of Andean, African and Sacred Feminine Shamanic practices with Isa Ka Ra focused on our root, heart and crown centres.

under the rose apple tree
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